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Updated Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Questions [2023] Tips to Help You Get the Best Results

If you’re aiming to get the Google Cloud Certified certification, passing the Google Cloud-Digital-Leader exam is a crucial step towards achieving that goal. To ensure your success in the Google Cloud-Digital-Leader exam, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the exam format, content, and question types. Our team of experts has developed a comprehensive set of updated Google Cloud-Digital-Leader exam questions that will help you maximize your chances of getting the best results. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our Google Cloud-Digital-Leader exam questions today and start your journey towards success!

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1. An organization needs to search an application's source code to identify a potential issue.

The application is distributed across multiple containers.

Which Google Cloud product should the organization use?

2. An organization needs to categorize a large group of photographs using pre-trained

machine learning.

Which Google Cloud product or service should the organization use?

3. An organization wants to collect metrics and metadata from their cloud applications and put them into dashboards.

Which Google Cloud tool should they use?

4. Your organization is building an application running in Google Cloud. Currently, software builds, tests, and regular deployments are done manually, but you want to reduce work for the team. Your organization wants to use Google Cloud managed solutions to automate your build, testing, and deployment process.

Which Google Cloud product or feature should your organization use?

5. An employee receives an email from their internet service provider asking for their bank account number and password.

Which cybersecurity threat is this?

6. Considering Google Cloud Storage different Options which of the following is / are correct on the basis of their real world use cases?

7. A prospect wants to be able to store and analyze data. Their analysts already know SQL, but are not familiar with other technologies.

Which of these databases can the analysts use without addi-tional training?

8. One of your customers used to have a private data center. While within their data center itself, they were consuming some Google services via API calls and other public, well-known addresses pub-lished by Google. Now they're evacuating their private data center and are moving to Google Cloud. Could they improve some of their existing architecture with respect to security?

9. Which of the following statements is/are true about Cloud Spanner offered by Google Cloud Plat-form.

10. 1.Which Google Cloud service or feature lets you build machine learning models using Standard SQL and data in a data warehouse?



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