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Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Practice Exam

In order to ensure your success in the Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam, you may consider utilizing the Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Practice Exam from Certspots. This comprehensive Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer practice exam will not only enhance your confidence but also provide you with valuable insights and knowledge to effectively prepare for your test. By dedicating time and effort to this Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer practice exam, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and understanding to approach your actual exam with ease and achieve a favorable outcome.

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1. Your company runs an ecommerce website built with JVM-based applications and microservice architecture in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) The application load increases during the day and decreases during the night Your operations team has configured the application to run enough Pods to handle the evening peak load. You want to automate scaling by only running enough Pods and nodes for the load.

What should you do?

2. You created a Stackdriver chart for CPU utilization in a dashboard within your workspace project. You want to share the chart with your Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team only. You want to ensure you follow the principle of least privilege.

What should you do?

3. You use Spinnaker to deploy your application and have created a canary deployment stage in the pipeline. Your application has an in-memory cache that loads objects at start time. You want to automate the comparison of the canary version against the production version.

How should you configure the canary analysis?

4. You are creating a CI/CD pipeline in Cloud Build to build an application container image The application code is stored in GitHub Your company requires that production image builds are only run against the main branch and that the change control team approves all pushes to the main branch

You want the image build to be as automated as possible.

What should you do? Choose 2 answers

5. You are creating Cloud Logging sinks to export log entries from Cloud Logging to BigQuery for future analysis Your organization has a Google Cloud folder named Dev that contains development projects and a folder named Prod that contains production projects Log entries for development projects must be exported to dev_dataset. and log entries for production projects must be exported to prod_dataset. You need to minimize the number of log sinks created and you want to ensure that the log sinks apply to future projects.

What should you do?

6. You are developing a strategy for monitoring your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects in production using Stackdriver Workspaces. One of the requirements is to be able to quickly identify and react to production environment issues without false alerts from development and staging projects. You want to ensure that you adhere to the principle of least privilege when providing relevant team members with access to Stackdriver Workspaces.

What should you do?

7. Your team is designing a new application for deployment both inside and outside Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You need to collect detailed metrics such as system resource utilization. You want to use centralized GCP services while minimizing the amount of work required to set up this collection system.

What should you do?

8. Your company is using HTTPS requests to trigger a public Cloud Run-hosted service accessible at the https://booking-engine-abcdef URL You need to give developers the ability to test the latest revisions of the service before the service is exposed to customers.

What should you do?

9. You have an application that runs in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). The application consists of several microservices that are deployed to GKE by using Deployments and Services One of the microservices is experiencing an issue where a Pod returns 403 errors after the Pod has been running for more than five hours Your development team is working on a solution but the issue will not be resolved for a month You need to ensure continued operations until the microservice is fixed You want to follow Google-recommended practices and use the fewest number of steps.

What should you do?

10. You support a trading application written in Python and hosted on App Engine flexible environment. You want to customize the error information being sent to Stackdriver Error Reporting.

What should you do?



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