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Get Netapp NS0-520 Dumps Questions – May 2023

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1. A storage administrator is setting up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 system to use NVMe storage in ONTAP 9.7. In this scenario, which action is required?

2. Referring to the exhibit, which two pairs of ports are currently configurable as FC SAN LIFs? (Choose two.)

3. A customer is configuring their host for FC connectivity to a clustered Data ONTAP storage solution.

They have installed a 4 GB FC HBA into the host and connected it with optical cables to an 8 GB FC switch. They have also connected the UTA2 ports from the FAS2552 with 16 GB SFP+ optics installed using optical cables to the switch.

Which two actions will improve host FCP throughput? (Choose two.)

4. You are provisioning storage to an ESX host that uses iSCSI.

According to NetApp best practice, which three actions accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

5. While changing the network connections on your ONTAP cluster from twinax to fiber, the ports experience network connectivity issues. You want to verify which speeds the ports support and ensure that you have supported transceivers.

In this scenario, which two action would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

6. An administrator suspects abnormal operation and performance-related issues within a particular SAN environment.

The administrator wants to further investigate the environment in terms of overall health, best practice recommendations, proactive remediation, and risk assessments, as compared to other SAN deployments.

Which tool should the administrator use to assess this information?

7. An SVM's LUN setup needs to have LIFs that are configured for FC access and iSCSI access. The administrator will also be using NetApp Virtual Storage Console.

In this scenario, which three types of LIFs are required? (Choose three.)

8. You are configuring a 4-node AFF A400 ONTAP 9.8 cluster. The data center switches have limited ports, and you are given one 10-Gigabit Ethernet port per node for external access. In this scenario, which three protocols share the same physical port? (Choose three.)

9. Which statement is correct about the AFF All SAN Array (ASA)? (Choose two.)

10. Data ONTAP uses inodes in an active file system to reference ____.



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