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How To Pass The D-VXR-DY-23 Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam?

D-VXR-DY-23 Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam is the latest examination that has replaced the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, VxRail Version 2.0 certification (DES-6322) exam. It is important to note that the English version of the DES-6322 exam was officially retired on 6/23/2023. In order to ensure that you are well-prepared for your upcoming D-VXR-DY-23 Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam, we have provided this comprehensive article which contains valuable tips and strategies to help you easily pass your examination with flying colors.

Importance of passing the D-VXR-DY-23 Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam

This exam focuses on the overall product, hardware, and software requirements to
implement a basic VxRail cluster. This includes solution planning, using the VxRail
Configuration Portal, hardware installation, environment validation, software
implementation, solution validation, post-deployment changes, REST API, common
issues, and troubleshooting of events.

Understand the Exam Format and Topics

The D-VXR-DY-23 Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam consists of two parts. Part 1 has a duration of 90 minutes and includes 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass Part 1, a score of at least 63% is required. Part 2 has a duration of 30 minutes and includes 6 simulations. To pass Part 2, a score of at least 66% is required. It is necessary to achieve a passing score on both parts of the exam. To prepare for this exam, it is recommended to create a detailed study plan, gain a deep understanding of the exam objectives, enhance preparation with practice exams and sample questions, obtain hands-on experience with Dell VxRail Deploy 2023, and regularly review and revise study materials. By following these steps, candidates can increase their chances of passing the exam and successfully demonstrating their knowledge and skills in implementing a basic VxRail cluster.

You should master the following topics before taking your D-VXR-DY-23 exam

Exam TopicWeightage
Introduction to VxRail8%
– Describe VxRail use cases, architecture, models, and software stack
– Describe VxRail management, licensing, and data protection options
VxRail Deployment Planning7%
– Describe vCenter server options
– Describe physical switches, NIC configurations, and DNS options
– Explain vSphere Distributed Switch features and usage
– Identify node discovery options
Using VxRail Configuration Tools7%
– Create VxRail projects and configurations
– Review completed configuration for implementation
VxRail Hardware Installation and Initialization8%
– Describe VxRail system racking and cabling procedures
– Configure VxRail Node Idrac and System Time
VxRail Network Environment Requirements and Initialization13%
– Configure VxRail network settings
– Validate the network environment manually
– Validate the network environment using the Network Validation Tool
Deploying the VxRail Cluster13%
– Describe how to generate the implementation procedure
– Perform a VxRail initialization with an internal vCenter Server
– Perform a VxRail initialization with an external vCenter Server
VxRail Post-Deployment procedures18%
– Perform post-installation validation of the VxRail cluster
– Describe how to implement licenses for a VxRail cluster
– Explain the vSAN configuration settings and configure required vSAN settings post-deployment
– Configure native backups
VxRail Cluster Upgrade and Expansion8%
– Describe VxRail upgrade requirements and activities
– Describe VxRail scale-out best practices and the cluster expansion process
VxRail Troubleshooting10%
– Perform VxRail log collections
– Describe VxRail troubleshooting resources and their uses
– Troubleshooting using vSAN tools
– Identify REST API functionality available in VxRail and use VxRail API to perform tasks

How To Pass The D-VXR-DY-23 Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam?

  1. Create a Detailed Study Plan
    • Establish specific and achievable goals for each exam topic
    • Allocate dedicated time to study each section of the syllabus
    • Break down complex concepts into smaller, more manageable sections
  2. Gain a Deep Understanding of the Exam Objectives
    • Familiarize yourself with the core concepts and topics that the exam will cover
    • Identify areas where you may need to dedicate more time and effort
    • Explore additional resources such as textbooks and online tutorials to enhance your understanding
  3. Enhance Your Preparation with Practice
    • Solve a wide range of practice exams and sample questions to assess your knowledge and skills
    • Analyze your performance to identify your strengths and weaknesses
    • Focus on improving your weaker areas by reviewing related study materials and seeking additional guidance
  4. Obtain Hands-on Experience with Dell VxRail Deploy 2023
    • Develop practical skills by working on real-world scenarios related to Dell VxRail Deploy 2023
    • Set up a dedicated lab environment to simulate configuration and troubleshooting exercises
    • Practice various deployment scenarios to strengthen your familiarity with the platform
  5. Regularly Review and Revise Your Study Materials
    • Continuously revisit your study materials and notes to reinforce your understanding of the topics
    • Identify specific areas where you need to revise and allocate time to review them thoroughly
    • Consider creating summary notes or flashcards to aid in your revision process


In conclusion, this article provides valuable tips and strategies to help you pass the D-VXR-DY-23 Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam with confidence. By creating a detailed study plan, gaining a deep understanding of the exam objectives, enhancing preparation with practice exams, obtaining hands-on experience with Dell VxRail Deploy 2023, and regularly reviewing and revising study materials, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to allocate dedicated time for each exam topic, break down complex concepts, and focus on improving your weaker areas. With thorough preparation and dedication, you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills in implementing a basic VxRail cluster and achieve a passing score on the exam.


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