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(Huawei) Authentic H35-211_V2.5-ENU Dumps – Reduce Your Chances of Failure

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1. Which of the following description of GPON Type C dual-homing protection is correct?

2. In the TypeB protection mode, when all ONUs under the PON port are offline, which one of the following options is correct?

3. In the CPON network, the power value measured by the optical power meter on the ONU side is higher than the overload power. Which of the following options are possible reason?

4. Which of the following is not a QOS service model?

5. What are the possible reasons for the blurred screen when watching IPTV programs? (Multiple choices)

6. esight can add an optical splitter to more accurately display the connection relationship of PON. Which of the following statement about the optical splitter is correct? (Multiple choice)

7. The services that the access network system can provide include: narrowband voice service, ISDN service, () and broadband service, etc.

8. Which of the following conditions will not trigger GPON Type B single-homing protection switching?

9. The buffer size of the priority queue of the egress port reflects the processing capability of burst packets. According to business requirements, the buffer size and the percentage of the buffer depth of each queue can be configured.

10. In the 10GGPON system, XGEN frames are used to encapsulate data, and the PORT ID is defined as () bits in the XGEN header.



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