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2023 Updated HCIP-WLAN H12-321_V1.0-ENU Dumps Questions

2023 Updated HCIP-WLAN H12-321_V1.0-ENU Dumps Questions from Certspots is a comprehensive study material designed to help candidates pass the HCIP-WLAN certification exam. The H12-321_V1.0-ENU dumps questions are updated with the latest exam patterns and cover all the exam topics in detail. The study material is created by industry experts with years of experience in the WLAN domain. It is designed to provide a clear understanding of the concepts and principles covered in the HCIP-WLAN exam and help candidates prepare for the exam with confidence. With 2023 Updated HCIP-WLAN H12-321_V1.0-ENU Dumps Questions from Certspots, candidates can be assured of success in the HCIP-WLAN certification exam.

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1. Which of the following commands can be used to view the AP group or AP personality template information of the specified Mesh template

2. Which of the following descriptions is correct about the height of the antenna when WLAN is covered outdoors?

3. Regarding the dual-link hot standby configuration, when configuring the priority of an AC, the greater the value of the priority, the higher the actual priority of the AC.

4. In the wireless high-density access scenario, what are the main technical points used? (Multiple choice)

5. Using AP8130DN to connect H33_V33_13dBi directional antenna to meet basic services such as browsing the web under FCC restrictions, what is the longest possible coverage distance?

6. Different network scenarios have different reliability requirements, so there are different backup methods to meet the needs of differentiated scenarios.

Which of the following descriptions about WLAN reliability application fields and methods are correct? (Multiple choice)

7. Which of the following WLAN protocols can achieve a theoretical rate of more than 1G?

8. The AP detects whether it has been brute force cracked by detecting whether the number of key negotiation failures in the key negotiation packet during WPA/WPA2 PSK, WAPI-PSK, and WEP-Share-Key authentication exceeds the configured threshold.

9. In a WLAN network, regarding illegal attack detection, which of the following will trigger an alarm? (Multiple choice)

10. When PPPoE authentication is used in WLAN, it has nothing to do with the authentication encryption adopted by WLAN itself.



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