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1. What methods can be used to solve the problem of GPRS/EDGE congestion in the 1800 network at this stage? (Multiple choice)

2. A user has made 3 calls in one hour during a busy hour, and the duration of the calls is 1 minute, 2 minutes and 3 minutes respectively, so how much Erlangs is the traffic generated by this user.

3. Which of the following is correct about the description of the T 31 05 timer?

4. During the handover process, which network entity decides the selection of the target cell?

5. If T3192 is set small, the establishment time of downlink TBF can be increased in certain occasions, but it may cause waste of radio resources and increase the signaling load on PDCH and AGCH.

6. Which of the following is not the reason for cell reselection?

7. If DRX_TIME_MAX is set small, the downlink TBF establishment time will be shortened, but the standby time of the mobile phone will be reduced.

8. In which of the following situations, PB GT handover will occur between cell A and cell B ?

9. For GPRS/EDGE network, the purpose of PING test is to detect the data transmission delay index of the network.

10. Which of the following descriptions are correct? (Multiple choice)



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