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[New-2023] CyberArk PAM-CDE-RECERT Exam Dumps With Free Questions

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1. A Reconcile Account can be specified in the Master Policy.

2. PSM captures a record of each command that was executed in Unix.

3. Which statement is correct concerning accounts that are discovered, but cannot be added to the Vault by an automated onboarding rule?

4. You are installing multiple PVWAs behind a load balancer.

Which statement is correct?

5. A user with administrative privileges to the vault can only grant other users privileges that he himself has.

6. What is a prerequisite step before CyberArk can be configured to support RADIUS authentication?

7. Which certificate type do you need to configure the vault for LDAP over SSL?

8. tsparm.ini is the main configuration file for the Vault.

9. To enable the Automatic response “Add to Pending” within PTA when unmanaged credentials are found, what are the minimum permissions required by PTAUser for the PasswordManager_pending safe?

10. A Vault administrator have associated a logon account to one of their Unix root accounts in the vault.

When attempting to verify the root account’s password the Central Policy Manager (CPM) will:



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