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PAM-SEN CyberArk Sentry – PAM Exam Dumps 2023

PAM-SEN CyberArk Sentry – PAM Exam is an exam that focuses on CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security solution. If you are preparing for this exam, Certspots offers free PAM-SEN CyberArk Sentry – PAM Exam Dumps 2023 to help you prepare. These PAM-SEN dumps cover all the important topics and provide a better understanding of the exam format and types of questions that can be expected. By using these PAM-SEN dumps, you can evaluate your knowledge and identify areas that need more attention. With Certspots’ free PAM-SEN CyberArk Sentry – PAM Exam Dumps 2023, you can improve your chances of passing the exam on the first attempt.

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1. What is the purpose of the PSM health check hardening?

2. A customer has three data centers distributed globally and wants highly-available PSM connections in each segmented zone. In addition, the customer needs a highly-available PSM connection for the CyberArk Admins.

What will best satisfy this customer's needs?

3. You have been asked to limit a platform called “Windows_Servers” to safes called “WindowsDC1” and “WindowsDC2”. The platform must not be assigned to any other safe.

What is the correct way to accomplish this?

4. You want to change the name of the PVWAappuser of the second PVWA server.

Which steps are part of the process? (Choose two.)

5. Which user is enabled when replicating data between active and stand-by Vaults?

6. Which statement is correct about a post-install hardening?

7. You are configuring the Vault to send syslog audit data to your organization’s SIEM solution.

What is a valid value for the SyslogServerProtocol parameter in DBPARM.INI file?

8. What is a valid combination of primary and secondary layers of authentication to a company's two-factor authentication policy?

9. HTML5 Gateway can be installed on which supported UNIX OS versions? (Choose two.)

10. Which components support load balancing? (Choose two.)



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