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PAM-DEF CyberArk Defender – PAM Free Dumps

If you are aspiring to achieve success in the CyberArk Defender – PAM exam, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from Certspots PAM-DEF CyberArk Defender – PAM Free Dumps. These are designed to provide comprehensive learning and preparation materials that can significantly boost your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Not only do they increase your familiarity with the type of questions you may encounter, but they also improve your confidence in handling the exam. The enhanced sense of preparedness that comes from using these free dumps can greatly enhance your chances of passing the CyberArk Defender – PAM exam successfully.

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1. You are configuring CyberArk to use HTML5 gateways exclusively for PSM connections.

In the PVWA, where do you set Default Connection Method to HTML5?

2. You are creating a shared safe for the help desk.

What must be considered regarding the naming convention?

3. Which processes reduce the risk of credential theft? (Choose two.)

4. Which Automatic Remediation is configurable for a PTA detection of a "Suspected Credential Theft"?

5. Your organization has a requirement to allow only one user to "check out passwords" and connect through the PSM securely.

What needs to be configured in the Master policy to ensure this will happen?

6. Before failing back to the production infrastructure after a DR exercise, what must you do to maintain audit history during the DR event?

7. What does the Export Vault Data (EVD) utility do?

8. To change the safe where recordings are kept for a specific platform, which setting must you update in the platform configuration?

9. A user requested access to view a password secured by dual-control and is unsure who to contact to expedite the approval process. The Vault Admin has been asked to look at the account and identify who can approve their request.

What is the correct location to identify users or groups who can approve?

10. Which dependent accounts does the CPM support out-of-the-box? (Choose three.)


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