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1. Complete the sentence: Orchestrators works as...

2. What kinds of transceivers are supported on Orchestrator MHO-140?

3. There are two 10Gbps dual-port NICs and one 40Gbps NIC installed on a 23800 Appliance in slots 1, 2 and 3 accordingly.

Which interfaces should be connected to Orchestrator 1 for downlinks' intra-orchestrator redundancy when using two Orchestrators?

4. What is a downlink interface used for?

5. Which licenses should be issued for the Orchestrator?

6. In case of Correction, where is information about Owner stored?

7. Orchestrator should be defined in SmartConsole as:

8. What is the throughput penalty of Security Group?

9. What cannot be learned from the output of asg perf -v -p command?

10. What will happen in case of NAT of the traffic passing through Management network?



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