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1. Backup administrators have noticed slow backups on the AIX environment.

To fix the issue, what should the set large_send be for each NIC, and what should the NFS option be set to?

2. An engineer is deploying two PowerProtect DD6900 systems in an HA pair. The installation includes ES40, DS60, and FS25 expansion shelves.

What consideration should be made when cabling the hardware?


A PowerProtect DD appliance has been installed at a company’s location for several months and has reached a steady state.

As a best practice, at what percentage of disk utilization should action be taken?

4. When the PowerProtect DD system boots up for the first time, the CLI configuration wizard script does not start automatically.

Which command can be used to start the script manually?

5. The finance department requires PDFs older than 90 days to be archived through Cloud Tier into Azure Blob Storage. They want any PDFs older than 180 days archived into AWS S3.

Which data movement policy is used to archive files into Azure Blob Storage?

6. A PowerProtect DD appliance with two expansion shelves is being installed in a customer-provided rack.

When cabling the controller to the shelves, what is connected to the host port on the last shelf in the chain?

7. Which component executes the read/write requests in a backup environment consisting of a PowerProtect DD appliance and IBM Spectrum Protect?

8. An administrator has retained snapshots for a single MTree and is trying to create a new one. An error message is received.

What is the reason for the failure?

9. What are some key benefits of performing backups and recoveries with a PowerProtect DD appliance?

10. What rule must be followed during an upgrade procedure with the FS25 expansion shelf?



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