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1. Which command should be used to wipe the data disks to prepare an ECS rack for fabric and HAL installation?

2. Which configuration tasks are required in ES in order to enable NetWorker with CloudBoost and ECS


3. Which ECs S3 API method is used to create a new object?

4. In the Storage Service Layer, which distributed shard service runs on each ECS node to mange transactions and ensure data is committed?

5. Compliance monitoring has enabled for an ECS system. Under which conditions will a BAD event be received?

6. Which NAN network topology will suffer from a split-brain condition if a single connection between turtle switches is lost?

7. An ECS is configured as backend storage for OpenStack Glance.

Which type of data will it store?

8. What services are reachable from nodes and must be included in every LCS data center?

9. You are configuring a DD Cloud Tier and ECS system as part of a LTR cloud backup solution. When adding the Cloud Unit in the Data Domain system you cannot connect to the ECS system.

What is preventing the configuration from being completed?

10. Which two licenses are required on Dell EMC Isilon to write to ECS?



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