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DELL EMC DES-3128 Questions – Boost Your Exam Preparation

If you want to boost your exam preparation and increase your chances of success, Certspots DELL EMC DES-3128 questions are an excellent resource for anyone looking to pass the Dell EMC NetWorker Specialist for Implementation Engineers exam. The DES-3128 exam questions are updated regularly to ensure that they reflect the most current trends and technologies in the industry, and to keep up with any changes to the exam format or content. By practicing with Certspots DELL EMC DES-3128 questions, candidates can evaluate their knowledge and skills, identify areas where they need to improve, and develop strategies for answering exam questions quickly and accurately. This will not only reduce their chances of failure but will also help them perform better on the actual exam.

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1. Which virtual environments are supported by NetWorker to back up virtual machines?

2. Which URL syntax is correct for NWUI?

3. What is the minimum number of served licenses required for a customer with 5 datazones and 2 additional storage nodes per datazone?

4. An administrator is creating an action resource in NetWorker.

What must exist before this action can be completed?

5. An administrator notices that after a reboot of the storage node, the library and tape drives are no longer accessible.

What is the cause of this behavior?


A customer has configured 3 new Linux server named Server01 as a backup client. They cannot see any files backed up when a restore operation is attempted

Use the simulator to resolve the issue.

When you have finished, continue to the next Question

7. Which command can be used to query the NetWorker media database and to export the fields as comma separated fields?

8. A customer checks the rap log on a NetWorker server to audit recent resource changes, but the file is empty.

What is the cause of the issue?

9. A backup administrator has installed a NetWorker Server on a Windows 2019 host. The installation finished successfully. When the NMC Launcher started and the backup server's name is specified as the NMC server, the following error is observed.

Unable to connect the NMC server

The administrator determined the NMC was not installed.

What is the recommended action to resolve the issue?

10. By default, which NetWorker server policy and workflow back up the CFI?



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