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1. A sales manager requests a report that shows total opportunity amounts grouped by:

• Small opportunities ― Amount is less than $50,000.

• Medium opportunities ― Amount is between $50,000 and 5100,000.

• Large opportunities ― Amount is more than $100,000.

How should the Salesforce associate create a field to show the amount as described above?

2. When a sales rep needs to give an additional discount for an opportunity, a manager needs to review and authorize the discount request.

What should be used to lock the record before a decision is made?

3. A Salesforce associate is creating a report that needs to show changes uin a value over a series of point in time.

Which type of chart should the associate add to this report to help visualize these changes?

4. Refer to the image below:

A Salesforce associate reviews a report that shows more information than they need. The associated see individual records but only wants to see the Record Count.

Which switches should the associated toggle to only show the Record Count?

5. Where can a org’s service status and performance degradation information be found?

6. A salesforce associate at get Cloudy Consulting has been asked to analyze Service Cloud data to determine how many individual have called in to the support center.

Which relationship on Case should the associate use?

7. A sales manager at Get Cloudy Consulting wants a report that shows their top-selling product families by quantity.

8. Salesforce associate received a promotion and needs Edit access to fields on opportunity records across the organization.

Which user setting need updating to allow Edit access?

9. How should a Salesforce associate ensure a dashboard has the most current data?

10. Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) wants to ensure the Annual Revenue field is a positive amount and does not exceed $100.

What should GCC use to ensure to opportunities meet these standards?



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