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How To Pass Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam?

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam is a certification exam that is designed to test the knowledge and skills of professionals who work in sales and wish to improve their knowledge of the Salesforce Sales Cloud. If you’re preparing for this exam, it’s important to have a solid study plan in place. One useful resource for your preparation is the free Certified Sales Cloud Consultant practice exam from Certspots. This Certified Sales Cloud Consultant practice exam is designed to help you get a sense of the types of questions you’ll encounter on the real exam, and to provide you with an opportunity to practice your test-taking skills. By combining these resources with a strong work ethic and dedication to your studies, you can increase your chances of passing the Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam and advancing your career.

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1. The Universal Containers sales team wants to easily show Account relationships to its sales reps and report on these relationship.

Which two considerations should the consultant take into account? Choose 2 answers

2. Universal Containers continues to see substantial growth year-over-year. Outside sales reps think their territories are too dense to cover adequately. Leadership has decided to modify the existing sales territories and hire additional staff to make the account allocations more manageable. Some states will change from one territory to two or more smaller territories. In these instances, accounts will need to be reassigned to new territories.

Sales operationswants to review the territory account assignments and verify the accuracy before the changes are reflected in Sales Cloud.

How should the consultant show sales operations what the data will look like after the change?

3. NorthernTrail Outfitters (NTO) attributes a decline in profit to an excessive number of discounts on opportunities.

Which two actions can NTO request to monitor and control opportunity discounting? Choose 2 answers

4. Northern Trail Outfitters wants a visual representation in the Salesforce Mobile App of each account's sales by month.

What should be recommended?

5. Cloud Kicks' (CK) high value opportunities are becoming delayed in the approval process because sales manager's approval requests go unnoticed for various reasons. CK wants to streamline the approval process and give sales managers more ways to approve opportunities in a timely manner.

Which two strategies should the consultant recommend to improve the approval process? Choose 2 answers

6. In order to increase and promote adoption, sales management at Cloud Kicks wants sales representatives to follow Opportunities they create.

Which two actions should the Consultant recommend to create a solution? Choose 2 answers

7. Universal Containers wants to help sales reps handle phone calls with prospective customers more efficiently Which tool should the consultant recommend?

8. Channel sales representatives atNorthern Trail Outfitters (NTO) need to push pre-qualified leads to their partners. Partners need the ability to access and update the leads assigned to them. To meet this requirement, NTO plans to implement lead management functionality.

Which solution should a consultant recommend?

9. Cloud Kicks is concerned that the sales team is taking longer to close Opportunities each month is comparison to the same time last year. The VP Sales wants to determine the number of closed deals on a monthly basisand compare the month-over-month results.

Which two actions should the Consultant take to create a solution? Choose 2 answers

10. Universal Containers (US) wants to deploy Sales Cloud to all of its users around the globe, but UC is connected that the projected is to complex to be successfull.

What should a consultant do to minimize this concern?



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