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(Salesforce) Authentic Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Dumps – Reduce Your Chances of Failure

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1. A nonprofit uses Salesforce for fundraising and managing its educational programs. Its membership data is stored in a proprietary membership management system. The nonprofit wants real-time insights into whether its donors are members, their renewal dates, and other related data points. The membership data only needs to be viewed.

What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

2. A donor has committed to give a consistent amount every month. The nonprofit wants to update the schedule to reflect one-time adjustments to this amount.

What should the consultant recommend to record the regular donations correctly?

3. A large nonprofit organization is a social enterprise that functions in many ways like a for-profit corporation. The organization does mot accept individual donations, but mostly engages with corporations, sponsors, and vendors by selling its own products to further its mission. The organization needs to manage Leads and track its Opportunity pipeline.

Which account model should the consultant recommend?

4. A nonprofit admin needs to import lists of Contacts into Salesforce Campaigns regularly from CSV files using the NPSP Data Import too.

What should the consultant consider when setting up this process for the nonprofit? Choose 2 answers

5. An international nonprofit organization works across six different countries in Europe and Africa. The organization relies heavily on volunteers in each country to support its work and wants volunteers to be able to sign up for volunteer jobs on its website.

What is a consideration when setting up Volunteers for Salesforce given this context?

6. A nonprofit customer is concerned about its users having their Salesforce usernames and passwords compromised.

Which Salesforce security feature should the consultant recommend?

7. A nonprofit has a membership program it wants to manage in Salesforce.

What are two items the consultant needs to configure so the membership rollups in NPSP work properly?

8. A nonprofit stores a government-issued personal identification number on each constituent's Contact record in an encrypted field.

What should a consultant enable on a Permission Set to ensure the personal identification number is fully accessible by a subset of org users'?

9. A consultant is importing a number of new individual gifts from a recent fundraising event for a non-profit that is using NPSP. It is very important that donors receive credit for these new donations. Where is the automatic Opportunity Contact Role hard credit value configured for this scenario?

10. How should a consultant install NPSP in an existing Salesforce organization?



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