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Amazon AWS Certified Database – Specialty DBS-C01 Free Dumps 2023

Amazon DBS-C01 free dumps from Certspots is an excellent resource for anyone who is preparing for the AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification exam. They are updated regularly to reflect the latest exam trends and requirements. This means that you can be sure that the questions you are practicing with are relevant to the exam you are preparing for. Using Certspots Amazon AWS Certified Database – Specialty DBS-C01 free dumps can also help you identify areas where you need to focus your study efforts. By practicing with the questions, you can gauge your understanding of the material and identify areas where you may need additional study. You can practice our DBS-C01 free dumps today and get one step closer to achieving your certification goals.

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1. A financial services organization employs an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster to host an application on AWS. No log files detailing database administrator activity were discovered during a recent examination. A database professional must suggest a solution that enables access to the database and maintains activity logs. The solution should be simple to implement and have a negligible effect on performance.

Which database specialist solution should be recommended?

2. A database specialist is responsible for an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance with one read replica. The DB instance and the read replica are assigned to the default parameter group. The database team currently runs test queries against a read replica. The database team wants to create additional tables in the read replica that will only be accessible from the read replica to benefit the tests.

Which should the database specialist do to allow the database team to create the test tables?

3. A Database Specialist is performing a proof of concept with Amazon Aurora using a small instance to confirm a simple database behavior. When loading a large dataset and creating the index, the Database Specialist encounters the following error message from Aurora:

ERROR: cloud not write block 7507718 of temporary file: No space left on device

What is the cause of this error and what should the Database Specialist do to resolve this issue?

4. A company has a 20 TB production Amazon Aurora DB cluster. The company runs a large batch job overnight to load data into the Aurora DB cluster. To ensure the company’s development team has the most up-to-date data for testing, a copy of the DB cluster must be available in the shortest possible time after the batch job completes.

How should this be accomplished?

5. A business is transferring its on-premises database workloads to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. A database professional migrating an Oracle database with a huge table to Amazon RDS has picked AWS DMS. The database professional observes that AWS DMS is consuming considerable time migrating the data.

Which activities would increase the pace of data migration? (Select three.)

6. A business uses Amazon EC2 instances in VPC A to serve an internal file-sharing application. This application is supported by an Amazon ElastiCache cluster in VPC B that is peering with VPC A. The corporation migrates the instances of its applications from VPC A to VPC B. The file-sharing application is no longer able to connect to the ElastiCache cluster, as shown by the logs.

What is the best course of action for a database professional to take in order to remedy this issue?

7. A company uses Amazon Aurora for secure financial transactions. The data must always be encrypted at rest and in transit to meet compliance requirements.

Which combination of actions should a database specialist take to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

8. On AWS, a business is developing a web application. The application needs that the database supports concurrent read and write activities in several AWS Regions. Additionally, the database must communicate data changes across Regions as they occur. The application must be highly available and have a latency of less than a few hundred milliseconds.

Which solution satisfies these criteria?

9. A company is running a two-tier ecommerce application in one AWS account. The web server is deployed using an Amazon RDS for MySQL Multi-AZ DB instance. A Developer mistakenly deleted the database in the production environment. The database has been restored, but this resulted in hours of downtime and lost revenue.

Which combination of changes in existing IAM policies should a Database Specialist make to prevent an error like this from happening in the future? (Choose three.)

10. A significant automotive manufacturer is switching a mission-critical finance application's database to Amazon DynamoDB. According to the company's risk and compliance policy, any update to the database must be documented as a log entry for auditing purposes. Each minute, the system anticipates about 500,000 log entries. Log entries should be kept in Apache Parquet files in batches of at least 100,000 records per file.

How could a database professional approach these needs while using DynamoDB?



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