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1. A company is designing a disaster recovery (DR) strategy for an SAP HANA database that runs on an Amazon EC2 instance in a single Availability Zone The company can tolerate a long RTO and an RPO greater than zero if it means that the company can save money on its DR process.

The company has configured an Amazon CloudWatch alarm to automatically recover the EC2 instance if the instance experiences an unexpected issue. The company has set up AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA to save the backups into Amazon S3.

What is the MOST cost-effective DR option for the company's SAP HANA database?

2. A company's basis administrator is planning to deploy SAP on AWS m Linux. The basis administrator must set up the proper storage to store SAP HANAdata and log volumes.

Which storage options should the basis administrator choose to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

3. A company is running an SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) system on an SAP HANA database that is 10 TB m size The company rs receiving notifications about long-running database backups every day The company uses AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA (AWS Backint agent) on an Amazon EC2 instance to back up the database An SAP NetWeaver administrator needs to troubleshoot the problem and propose a solution

Which solution will help resolve this problem'?

4. A company is planning to move to AWS. The company wants to set up sandbox and test environments on AWS to perform proofs of concept (POCs) Development and production environments will remain on premises until the POCs are completed.

At the company's on-premises location SAProuter is installed on the same server as SAP Solution Manager. The company uses SAP Solution Manager to monitor the entire landscape The company uses SAP router to connect to SAP Support The on-premises SAP Solution Manager instance must monitor the performance and server metrics of the newly created POC systems on AWS. The existing SAP router must be able to report any issues to SAP

What should an SAP solutions architect do to set up this hybrid infrastructure MOST cost-


5. An SAP solutions architect is designing an SAP HANA scale-out architecture for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) on SAP HANA on AWS. The SAP solutions architect identifies the design as a three-node scale out deployment of x1e 32xlarge Amazon EC2 instances

The SAP solutions architect must ensure that the SAP HANA scale-out nodes can achieve the low-latency and high-throughput network performance that are necessary for node-to-node communication

Which combination of steps should the SAP solutions architect take to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

6. A company is implementing SAP HANA on AWS According 10 the company's security policy SAP backups must be encrypted Only authorized team members can have the ability to decrypt the SAP backups

What is the MOST operationally efficient solution that meets these requirements?

7. A company is hosting an SAP HANA database on AWS. The company is automating operational tasks including backup and system refreshes. The company wants to use SAP HANA Studio to perform data backup of an SAP HANA tenant database to a backint interface. The SAP HANA database is running in multi-tenant database container (MDO mode. The company receives the following error message during an attempt to perform the backup.

What should an SAP solutions architect do to resolve this issue?

8. A company is running its SAP workload on AWS.

The company's security team has implemented the following requirements

• All Amazon EC2 instances for SAP must be SAP certified instance types

- Encryption must be enabled for all Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes

• AWS CloudTrail must be activated

• SAP system parameters must be compliant with business rules

• Detailed monitoring must be enabled for all instances

The company wants to develop an automated process to review the systems for compliance with the security team's requirements. The process also must provide notification about any deviation from these standards

Which solution will meet these requirements''

9. A company that has SAP workloads on premises plans to migrate an SAP environment to AWS. The company is new to AWS and has no poor setup.

The company has the following requirements

- The application server and database server must be placed in isolated network configurations

• SAP systems must be accessible to the on-premises end users over the internet

• The cost of communications between the application server and the database server must be minimized

Which combination of steps should an SAP solutions architect take to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

10. A company is planning to migrate its on-premises SAP application to AWS. The application runs on VMware vSphere The SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) server runs on an IBM Db2 database that is 2 TB m size The company wants to migrate the database to SAP HANA

Which migration strategy will meet these requirements'?



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