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New AWS DevOps Professional (DOP-C02) Certification Dumps

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1. A company has migrated its container-based applications to Amazon EKS and want to establish automated email notifications. The notifications sent to each email address are for specific activities related to EKS components. The solution will include Amazon SNS topics and an AWS Lambda function to evaluate incoming log events and publish messages to the correct SNS topic.

Which logging solution will support these requirements?

2. A DevOps engineer needs to apply a core set of security controls to an existing set of AWS accounts. The accounts are in an organization in AWS Organizations. Individual teams will administer individual accounts by using the AdministratorAccess AWS managed policy. For all accounts. AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config must be turned on in all available AWS Regions. Individual account administrators must not be able to edit or delete any of the baseline resources. However, individual account administrators must be able to edit or delete their own CloudTrail trails and AWS Config rules.

Which solution will meet these requirements in the MOST operationally efficient way?

3. A company is using AWS CodePipeline to automate its release pipeline. AWS CodeDeploy is being used in the pipeline to deploy an application to Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) using the blue/green deployment model. The company wants to implement scripts to test the green version of the application before shifting traffic. These scripts will

complete in 5 minutes or less. If errors are discovered during these tests, the application must be rolled back.

Which strategy will meet these requirements?

4. A company uses AWS Organizations and AWS Control Tower to manage all the company's AWS accounts. The company uses the Enterprise Support plan.

A DevOps engineer is using Account Factory for Terraform (AFT) to provision new accounts. When new accounts are provisioned, the DevOps engineer notices that the support plan for the new accounts is set to the Basic Support plan. The DevOps engineer needs to implement a solution to provision the new accounts with the Enterprise Support plan.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

5. A company has a single AWS account that runs hundreds of Amazon EC2 instances in a single AWS Region. New EC2 instances are launched and terminated each hour in the account. The account also includes existing EC2 instances that have been running for longer than a week.

The company's security policy requires all running EC2 instances to use an EC2 instance profile. If an EC2 instance does not have an instance profile attached, the EC2 instance must use a default instance profile that has no IAM permissions assigned.

A DevOps engineer reviews the account and discovers EC2 instances that are running without an instance profile. During the review, the DevOps engineer also observes that new EC2 instances are being launched without an instance profile.

Which solution will ensure that an instance profile is attached to all existing and future EC2 instances in the Region?

6. A DevOps engineer needs to back up sensitive Amazon S3 objects that are stored within an S3 bucket with a private bucket policy using S3 cross-Region replication functionality. The objects need to be copied to a target bucket in a different AWS Region and account.

Which combination of actions should be performed to enable this replication? (Choose three.)

7. A company has containerized all of its in-house quality control applications. The company is running Jenkins on Amazon EC2 instances, which require patching and upgrading. The compliance officer has requested a DevOps engineer begin encrypting build artifacts since they contain company intellectual property.

What should the DevOps engineer do to accomplish this in the MOST maintainable manner?

8. A company has multiple member accounts that are part of an organization in AWS Organizations. The security team needs to review every Amazon EC2 security group and their inbound and outbound rules. The security team wants to programmatically retrieve this information from the member accounts using an AWS Lambda function in the management account of the organization.

Which combination of access changes will meet these requirements? (Choose three.)

9. An ecommerce company is receiving reports that its order history page is experiencing delays in reflecting the processing status of orders. The order processing system consists of an AWS Lambda function that uses reserved concurrency. The Lambda function processes order messages from an Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) queue and inserts processed orders into an Amazon DynamoDB table. The DynamoDB table has auto scaling enabled for read and write capacity.

Which actions should a DevOps engineer take to resolve this delay? (Choose two.)

10. A company has its AWS accounts in an organization in AWS Organizations. AWS Config is manually configured in each AWS account. The company needs to implement a solution to centrally configure AWS Config for all accounts in the organization The solution also must record resource changes to a central account.

Which combination of actions should a DevOps engineer perform to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)



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