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Appian Certified Lead Developer ACD300 Practice Exam

Are you prepared and eager to take the next step in your career by becoming an Appian Certified Associate Developer? If so, then you might find Certspots Appian Associate Developer ACD101 practice exam to be extremely beneficial. These questions are genuine, meticulously curated to help you study in the most effective manner and target the key concepts that are crucial for excelling in the Appian ACD101 exam. By using Certspots Appian Associate Developer ACD101 practice exam, you are not just reviewing random questions, but honing your skills on the most relevant material that will directly impact your success in the exam. So, with Certspots Appian Associate Developer ACD101 practice exam, you are not only preparing to pass an exam, you are preparing to excel in your career.

1. You are required to create an integration from your Appian cloud instance to an application hosted within a customers self-managed environment.

The customers IT team has provided you with a REST API endpoint to test with; httpsV/lnternal networkVapi/api /ping

Which recommendation should you make to progress this integration?
2. You are tasked to build a large scale acquisition application for a prominent customer. The acquisition process tracks the time it takes is fulfill a purchase request with an award.

The customer has structured the contract so that there are multiple application dev teams.

How should you design for multiple processes and forms, while minimizing repeated code?
3. You are designing a process that is anticipated to be executed multiple times a day. This process retrieves data from an external system and then calls various utility processes as needed. The mam process will not use the results of the utility processes, and there are no user forms anywhere.

Which design choice should be used to start the utility processes and minimize the load on the execution engines?
4. Your application contains a process model that Is scheduled to run daily at a certain time, which kicks off a user input task to a specified user on the 1ST time zone for morning data collection The time zone is set to the (default) pm!timezone.

In this situation, what does the pm!tinezone reflect?
5. You need to design a complex Appian integration to call a RESTful API. The RESTful API will be used to update a case in a customer's legacy system.

What are three prerequisites for designing the integration?
6. You are reviewing the Engine Performance Logs in Production for a single application thathas been live for six months. This application experiences concurrent user activity and has a fairly sustained load during business hours. The client has reported performance issues with the application during business hours.

During your investigation, you notice a high Work Queue - Java Work Queue Size value in the logs You also notice unattended process activities, including timer events and sending notifications emails, are taking far longer to execute than normal.

The client Increased the number of CPU cores prior to the application going live

What is the next recommendation?
7. You are asked to design a case management system for a client in addition to storing some basic metadata about a case, one of the client s requirements Is the ability for users to update a case The client would like any user in their organization of 500 people to be able to make these updates The users are all based in the company's headquarters, and there will be frequent cases where users are attempting to edit the same case. The client wants to ensure no information Is lost when these edits occur and does not want the solution to burden their process administrators with any additional effort.

Which data locking approach should you recommend?
8. On the latest Health Check report from your Cloud TEST environment utilizing a ManaDB add-on. you note the following findings Category; User Experience Description; # of slow query rules Risk; High Category; User Experience Description: U of slow write to data store nodes Risk: High

Which three things might you do to address this, without consulting the business?
9. You are presented with the following application requirement:

Users must be able to navigate throughout the application while maintaining complete visibility in the application structure, and easily navigate to previous locations.’’

Which Appian Interface Pattern would you recommend?



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