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HCIP-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-221_V1.0-ENU Mock Questions

The HCIP-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-221_V1.0 exam is a certification exam that tests an individual’s knowledge and skills in intelligent computing technologies. If you are planning to take this exam, it is highly recommended to use Certspots’ HCIP-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-221_V1.0-ENU mock questions for preparation. These H13-221_V1.0-ENU mock questions are designed by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the exam’s structure and content. By using these HCIP-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-221_V1.0-ENU Mock Questions, you can familiarize yourself with the type of questions you can expect to see on the exam, and you can identify areas where you need to improve your knowledge and skills.

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1. What are the main stages of the design and implementation service process () (multiple choice)

2. When the system is managed through a remote console, there is no need for on-site, attended management of the device or system. (True or False)

3. If you need to log in to the command line of the iBMC management software through the network port, you must ensure that the configuration terminal is connected to the server management network port through a network cable, and the network port of the configuration terminal and the IP address of () are in the same network segment. (True or False)

4. The RAID controller card provides functions such as RAID support and level migration, which of the following functions cannot be provided by RAID 1E () (single-choice question)

5. Engineer A found a 2488 V5 and a 2288 V5 similar in appearance in the computer room. After consulting the documents, he found that one was a 2-way server and the other was a 4-way server. Compared with a 2-way server, a 4-way server The advantage is ( ) (multiple choice)

6. Which of the following options are system availability indicators? (multiple choice)

7. When engineer A is using Huawei's FDM fault management platform for fault diagnosis, a sudden failure of the operating system will cause the FDM fault management platform to be paralyzed and cannot be accessed () (judgment question)

8. When an operation and maintenance engineer was using a Taishan 200 rack server, an alarm of "memory uncorrectable error" appeared. The engineer installed the corresponding memory sticks on different channels and used the Smart Provisioning tool to test and verify, and found that the fault alarm followed the memory sticks. In this case, which of the following measures should the engineer take? (Single-choice question)

9. When performing power-on and power-off operations on Huawei heterogeneous servers, which of the following descriptions is wrong (single-choice question)

10. According to the intelligent computing planning and design process, drag the task item to the correct current planning stage. (True or False)



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