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(Huawei) Authentic H12-711_V4.0-ENU Dumps – Reduce Your Chances of Failure

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1. ARP man-in-the-middle attacks are a type of spoofing attack technique.


We should choose the encryption algorithm according to our own use characteristics. When we need to encrypt a large amount of data, it is recommended to use the ____ encryption algorithm to improve the encryption and decryption speed. [fill in the blank]

3. Which of the following descriptions of single sign-on is correct?

4. Which of the following characteristics does a denial-of-service attack include?

5. When the Layer 2 switch receives a unicast frame and the MAC address table entry of the switch is empty, the switch discards the unicast frame.

6. The following description of asymmetric encryption algorithms, which item is wrong?

7. Certificates saved in DER format may or may not contain a private key.


In the authentication policy of the firewall, _____ allows the user to not need to enter the user name and password, but can obtain the corresponding relationship between the user and the IP, so as to carry out policy management based on the user [fill in the blank]


During the process of establishing IPSec VPN between peers FW_A and FW_B, two types of security associations need to be established in two stages. In the first stage, _____ is established to verify the identity of the peers. [fill in the blank]

10. Huawei Firewall only supports the inter-domain persistent connection function for TCP packets.



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