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Huawei HCIE-Transmission H12-931-ENU Mock Questions and Answers

The Huawei HCIE-Transmission H12-931-ENU certification exam is designed to test an individual’s knowledge and skills in the field of transmission network design and optimization. For those preparing to take the exam, Certspots offers a set of HCIE-Transmission H12-931-ENU mock questions and answers to help you practice and prepare. These HCIE-Transmission H12-931-ENU mock questions are designed to simulate the actual exam, and can be accessed online through their website. They cover a range of topics and difficulty levels, providing a comprehensive review of the material you need to know to pass the HCIE-Transmission H12-931-ENU exam.

By practicing with these HCIE-Transmission H12-931-ENU mock questions and answers, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the actual exam, and have a better understanding of the areas where you need to focus your study efforts. So if you’re looking to earn your Huawei HCIE-Transmission certification, be sure to check out Certspots’ free mock questions and answers to help you prepare.

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1. After the WDM commissioning of the 10G system is completed, it is found that the OSNR value of the single board scanned by the MCA at the receiving end is good, but the bit error rate before correction is very poor. Which of the following are the possible reasons? (Multiple choice)

2. Regarding the interconnection of different circuit boards and single boards of OTN equipment, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

3. Which of the following operations may be a bit error due to nonlinear effects?

4. As shown in the figure, the business configuration of the PP ring chain is incomplete or wrong, resulting in discrete services. In order to solve this discrete business, it is necessary to complete the business configuration. Which of the following steps are correct? (Multiple choice)

5. Which of the following descriptions about the cross-connect board of the OSN 8800 T64 subrack is correct? (Multiple choice)

6. E1 has three ways of framing, multi-framing and non-framing. The main difference is that the time slots for effective data transmission are different.

7. When configuring ODUk SNCP protection, ordinary WDM services can be converted to SNCP services, but SNCP services cannot be converted to ordinary WDM services.

8. The rate represented by STM-1 is ().

9. WDM system mainly adopts DCM compensation method for chromatic dispersion compensation. Which of the following statements about DCM dispersion compensation is wrong?

10. When deploying QoS, which part of the network is usually deployed for complex classification of data flows?



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