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SalesForce Certified Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam Dumps

SalesForce Certified Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam is designed for individuals who have experience as a Salesforce Administrator and are looking to enhance their skills. Certspots is a website that offers free online SalesForce Certified Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam Dumps to help individuals practice for the certification exam. Their online platform offers a range of practice questions and exams that are designed to simulate the actual exam experience. This allows individuals to test their knowledge and identify areas where they need to improve. By using Certspots’ free online SalesForce Certified Advanced Administrator CRT-211 Exam Dumps, individuals can increase their chances of passing the certification exam and demonstrate their advanced level of knowledge and skills to potential employers

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1. An administrator has been asked to enable permissions for users on the account services team to be able to edit and change ownership of Accounts owned by any of the team members.

What should the administrator configure?

2. Cloud Kicks (CK) has a filed called Shoe Type Preference, CK,s product team wants to see a report that groups specific picklist values together into the one of two lists.

What functionality should the administrator use to fulfill the team’s request?

3. Northen trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to change the current master-detail relationship between Shipments and Opportunity to a lookup relationship. The system administrator has made the necessary changes in a full sandbox and has successfully tested them against NTO’s data.

Now that the changes are ready to implement in production, what should the system administrator do next?

4. The administrator at Universal Containers does a soft launch of the Salesforce Authenticator app and allows users to optionally use it to log In. The administrator would now like to look at how many users have successfully used it since It was rolled out.

What are two ways the administrator can get this Information? Choose 2 answers

5. Cloud Kicks (CK) typically sells Its products direct to consumer and tracks sales using the Order object

In Salesforce. The head of sales has now decided that CK will also sell to retail locations for resale.

The administrator wants to leverage opportunities and opportunity products for these new deals.

What should the administrator do to track accurate sales data on opportunities?

6. Ursa Major Solar offers customers annual service contracts. Account owners should receive an email renewal reminder l month before their customer's planned expiration date. The administrator builds a flow to automate the process, which runs when a record is created, and tests several possible scenarios.

What win occur if the expiration date is changed from January 1 of the next year to yesterday?

7. AW Computing (AVVC) has customers In multiple countries. AWC would li<e to set up advanced currency management for Its system.

Which two considerations should AWC be aware or prior to implementing this change to the existing system? Choose 2 answers

8. A request was made to import a spreadsheet of new Campaign Members. He system administrator started Data import Wizard but the Campaign Members object was unavailable as a choice.

What is causing as a choice.

What is causing this occur?

9. AW Computers has enabled the feature for Contact to multiple Accounts. A rep is trying to remove

the primary Account from a Contact but Is unable to do so. The administrator has already updated

the page layout to no longer require an Account.

What could be the issue?

10. The administrator at AW Computing implements multi-factor authentication using the Salesforce Authenticator app downloaded on company-provided iPhones. A sales rep breaks their phone and needs to update an opportunity record.

How should the administrator grant access for the sales rep?



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