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ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management CIS-VRM Practice Dumps

ServiceNow CIS-VRM exam is an industry-recognized certification that validates an individual’s expertise in Vendor Risk Management (VRM) in ServiceNow platform. This certification exam assesses an individual’s knowledge and skills in areas such as VRM policies, procedures, governance, and compliance frameworks. Certspots provides a comprehensive set of practice exams that mimic the real CIS-VRM exam. These practice dumps are updated regularly to reflect the latest exam patterns and contain real exam questions with detailed explanations. Additionally, Certspots provides personalized progress tracking and performance analysis to help individuals identify their areas of improvement and prepare accordingly.

Using ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management CIS-VRM Practice Dumps from Certspots can significantly increase the chances of passing the ServiceNow CIS-VRM exam on the first attempt and achieve the coveted certification.

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1. For each questionnaire template/assessment metric type, how many vendor risk areas can be designated?

2. What are the baseline mandatory fields when creating a new Vendor Contact? (Choose three.)

3. The assessment page provides an area to import what kind of a completed questionnaire?

4. The Template Designer contains which of the following elements? (Choose two.)

5. What is the minimum role required to create a new Vendor Risk Issue?

6. In the baseline, what component sends reminder notifications about assessments?

7. If clean data is not provided by the customer, what baseline solutions are available within the platform? (Choose three.)

8. The VRM issue management process is frequently unique to an organization.

What two ServiceNow provided building blocks were covered in this course to help with customer needs that might arise during the lifecycle of VRM issues? (Choose two.)

9. Where can the score for each Assessment Metric or Metric Category be configured?

10. Key data sources for Vendor Risk reporting include which of the following tables? (Choose two.)



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