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ServiceNow IT Service Management (CIS-ITSM) Free Dumps

ServiceNow IT Service Management CIS-ITSM is a certification exam that validates the skills and knowledge of IT professionals in managing IT services using the ServiceNow platform. If you’re planning to take the ServiceNow IT Service Management CIS-ITSM exam, it’s important to have the right study materials to prepare. Certspots is a great resource for finding free online ServiceNow IT Service Management CIS-ITSM dumps and practice tests. These materials can help you get a better understanding of the exam format and the types of questions you can expect to see on the test. With the help of the ServiceNow IT Service Management CIS-ITSM free dumps from Certspots, you can improve your chances of passing the ServiceNow IT Service Management CIS-ITSM exam and getting certified.

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1. How do you define the content that is tracked and displayed in all Incident record activity streams?

2. A problem record is the Parent to what record?

3. What tools are available to the assignee to help resolve an Incident? (Choose two.)

4. Which of the following are users able to do when configuring stages in Flow Designer? (Choose two.)

5. The Major Incident Management

(MIM) application is linked to the Incident management process, but the records have an additional set of States.

What are these MI States?

6. What baseline Change Flows support the baseline Normal Change model?

7. Incident management includes limited functionality for what advanced reporting capability?

8. What are key relationships between Changes and Incidents? (Choose two.)

9. How are Features related to Products and Releases?

10. Your implementation has some legacy change types with workflows, and also some new change models.

What option for Change Create New will support your scenario?

A Change Landing Page

B. Change Overview

C. Change Interceptor

D. Change Catalog



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