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CIS-FSM ServiceNow Exam Questions and Free Practice Test

If you’re looking to pass the ServiceNow CIS-FSM exam, Certspot CIS-FSM ServiceNow exam questions and free practice test are an excellent choice. These CIS-FSM questions and answers are designed to help you prepare for the exam by providing you with up-to-date and accurate information on the exam topics. One of the best things about Certspot CIS-FSM ServiceNow exam questions and free practice test is that it’s designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, their preparation material will help you gain a better understanding of the subject matter and allow you to test your knowledge before the actual exam.

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1. How are dispatch groups that can be selected from work order tasks filtered?

2. From what places in SN can an agent create a case? (Choose three.)

3. In the Customer Service Management space, what does the term asset management mean?

4. What is the purpose of a Catalog Item variable?

5. What are the Critical Success Factors that are related to CSM Suite Implementations? (Choose four.)

6. Which Business Rules are part of the Customer Service Management baseline configuration? (Choose two.)

7. What are features of Customer Service Management? (Choose four.)

8. Predictive Intelligence improves Case management by:

9. What are the Forum User Types? (Choose three.)

10. Out-of-the-box, the consumer support portal (/csp) CANNOT be used for which one of the following actions?



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