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Tested Revenue Cloud Consultant Exam Dumps – Fosters Your Exam Passing Skills

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1. True or False? lf your quote line editor shows a field above your quote line list, you can edit that field and then save or calculate the quote to apply the field across all your quote lines.

2. Can the Advanced Approvals CPQ Package be sued to submit for approval records that meet certain conditions?

3. Which of the CPQ Product Fields is described here: “Specifies the starting quantity of the product when added."

4. Which of the following configuration attributes is the correct one to use in this use case: “If your bundle contains multiple configuration attributes, you can organize them into columns."

5. Which component of a guided selling process is described here: “These records are the questions and possible answers that the guided selling prompt shows"

6. Under the context of CPQ, what is an Order?

7. Which of the following is not tracked in the a contract record?

8. True or False ? Up to 3 Quotes related to an Opportunity can be marked as Primaries.

9. Following bestpractices of Salesforce CPQ up to how many levels deep must Nested Bundles have?

10. Which of the following statements is true about amending a bundle?



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