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Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect Exam Dumps Opportunity To acquire Highest Result 2023

If you are preparing for the Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect exam, then you should consider using Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect exam dumps from Certspots. These questions are designed to help you acquire the highest possible result on the exam. Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect exam dumps from Certspots are updated regularly to ensure that they are aligned with the latest exam syllabus and exam pattern. This ensures that you are getting the most relevant and up-to-date information. By using these Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect exam dumps, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt and acquiring the highest possible result.

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1. During a review of the most recent release notes, the Architect finds that Salesforce has deprecated an API that is used throughout the site. After reviewing the deprecated API usage in Business Manager, the Architect narrows down the usage of that API to a particular LINK integration cartridge. The cartridge was integrated when the site was first launched and is heavily customized for the Client.

What is the recommended way for the Architect to remove the deprecated API so the LINK integration continues to work without interruptions, and lowest level of effort'

2. A company manages its regional operations as separate businesses.

The regional sites (Site A and Site B) operate with:

• Separate realms

• Deferent code bates

• Different category navigation menus

• Frequent updates on category structure

The requirement from the business is to provide hreflang link tags on category pages pointing to the same category on the other regional site. Example MTML for one of these links as displayed on Site A is:

Which solution should the Architect choose while keeping performance in mind?

3. The Client is planning to switch to a new Payment Service Provider (PSP). They have approached an Architect to understand the time and effort to Integrate the new PSP The PSP offers a LINK cartridge compatible with SiteGenesis Pipelines, but the Client’s website is build on Controllers.

Which two options should the Architect take into consideration before starting analysis? Choose 2 answers

4. A new project for a Client will involve a few different Integrations to their middleware system resulting in four different web services. All will use the same credentials to the middleware. Each will have the same timeout, but will require a separate log file prefix.

How should the Architect set this up with the Service framework using a minimal set of configuration?

5. There Is an Issue with the site when the domain Is opened from Google search results. After researching the problem. It turns out that the site returns * 404 page error when accessed with a parameter in the URL.

What should the Architect recommend to fix that issue?

6. During implementation, the team found that there is a notification controller exposed for an external service that marks the order as paid when notification is received. The notification URL is sent to the service together with the payment request and contains only the URL with orderlD as the parameter.

What should the Architect recommend to the team in order to prevent the unauthorized usage of the controller to mark the orders as paid?

7. While validating a LINK Cartridge for inclusion into the solution, an Architect notices that the UNK cartridge documentation requires the Architect to add a script node to a Pipeline in the storefront cartridge. The script is also a valid CommonJS module.

Which approach can the Architect use to Integrate this cartridge into a site that uses Controllers only?

8. An Architect is performing an audit of production logs via Log Center and finds some potentially dangerous custom log output.

In which two ways It this log output Improper In a production environment? Choose 2 answers

9. The Order Management System (OMS) uses a non-standard XML parser it did not manage to parse orders with the survey, until the survey attribute was manually removed from the xml.

How should the Architect address the issues and requirements described above?

10. A B2C Commerce Developer has just finished implementing a new promotion code form on checkout. During review, an Architect notes that the form it not using CSRF validation correctly.

Which two options are best practice recommendations for dealing with CSRF validation? Choose 2 answers



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