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Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Exam Dumps Opportunity To acquire Highest Result 2023

If you are preparing for the Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam exam, then you should consider using Salesforce B2B Solution Architect exam dumps from Certspots. These questions are designed to help you acquire the highest possible result on the exam. Salesforce B2B Solution Architect exam dumps from Certspots are updated regularly to ensure that they are aligned with the latest exam syllabus and exam pattern. This ensures that you are getting the most relevant and up-to-date information. By using these Salesforce B2B Solution Architect exam dumps, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt and acquiring the highest possible result.

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1. A client is running a project with a 626 multi-cloud setup involving Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Mu'eSoft. Currently, MuleSoft is primarily used to integrate with third-party systems. Marketing Cloud is connected to Sales/Service using the standard connector. A recent requirement-gathering session, involving all functional streams, brought up the question of where consolidated reporting mil happen. So far, reporting has only been looked at individually per stream.

There is a steering committee meeting 1 week from now. The Solution Architect was asked to provide different solutions to fix the problem. The expectation is that a high-level evaluation will be done prior the steering committee meeting so that an indication of options can be given and additional funding can be requested.

Which three critical steps should the Solution Architect take first? Choose 3 answers

2. Recently. Universal Containers (UC) successfully launched a multi-cloud 62B implementation with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and B2B Commerce. As the Sales and Service Cloud development was performed by separate teams, UC created Process Builder automation for the Account object m separate Process Builder processes. As customers 90 through the sales process within Sales Cloud, the data on their customer account record is updated. As those same customers make purchases within B2B Commerce, the data on their customer account record is updated as well.

What are two reasons why a Solution Architect should recommend uniting these into a single Process Builder process? Choose 2 answers

3. Towards the end of the discovery phase, the sales manager and subject matter experts raise a request to get hands-on experience with the solution as soon as possible. They want to ensure the requirements they provided are correctly built out in Salesforce. The project sponsor is unsure how that request may affect the schedule.

Which method should a Solution Architect consider in this scenario to validate the requirements during the build sprint without impacting the project timelines?

4. Universal Containers (UC) is starting to go through an inventory of capabilities in regard to its many data warehouses. UC's data warehouses are currently being provided with data from OMS, ERP, Accounting, and other inventory management systems. Data warehouses are utilized by those systems for storage or analytics purposes.

UC plans to utilize the Systems of Engagement framework to classify its systems based on how they will be utilized within the enterprise architecture. UC would like to understand which systems it should directly integrate with versus utilizing the data warehouses where that data may also be stored.

How should a Solution Architect classify the data warehouses as systems within the enterprise architecture of this scenario?

5. Ohana Cirrus (OC) has around 1,500 support agents working in its global support center operating 24/7 across multiple channels. This center handles around 30,000 cases per day. OC currently uses a custom-developed solution to manage customer complaints and is planning to replace it with a new Salesforce solution. The current system contains more than 250 million records including some still being processed.

Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect suggest to migrate to the new application in the most efficient manner? Choose 3 answers

6. Universal Containers (UC) is a global organisation that wants to establish a 628 Commerce site to meet changing customer expectations and expand into new markets. These expectations include being able to self-serve 24x7 and get automated updates on orders. There are existing sales channels used at UC. Including a standard Sales team as well as a partner sales channel.

The sales leader met with a Solution Architect and shared that they want to grow their digital capabilities over the next 2 years. Time is of the essence and the sales leader needs to have the ecommerce solution in place as soon as possible to capture market share in new geographies before other competitors move in. The executive team has promised prompt access to key stakeholders as needed.

What is the appropriate next step 'or the Solution Architect?

7. Universal Containers (UC) has expanded rapidly in recent yean following a number of acquisitions. The new CMO wants to use all Leads from one of the acquired Salesforce orgs to luck-start a new targeted campaign in uC's mam Salesforce org. The acquired company would like to keep its Lead data because it enriches the Lead before it comes into Salesforce via third-party marketing tool and supports its direct sales channel. Beyond the Lead use case, both Salesforce orgs will remain completely independent from one another.

Which integration approach should a Solution Architect recommend between the UC mam org (the target org) and the acquired org (the source org)?

8. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is currently using Salesforce CPQ and would like to implement B2B Commerce Classes. NTO uses a Partner Community to allow partners to build complex bundles to provide detailed quotes to clients. NTO also wants to ensure that it does not have to maintain two databases of products.

Which two considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind about the CPQ B28 Commerce Connector when synchronizing Product and Price data? Choose 2 answers

9. Universal Export has implemented multiple Salesforce products and has made it clear that it wants to maximize its investment and avoid buying any new products. For the company's next release, its business requirements seem to be a close fit for a product that Salesforce has. out it wants to develop a custom extension that replicates the functionality of that Salesforce module.

Which two actions should a Solution Architect take? Choose 2 answers

10. Different teams at Universal Containers (UC) are experiencing challenges using their existing tools. The Sales team can only access their application from the office, the Marketing team has to manually import leads coming from the website into their campaign tool, and the Support team lacks a communication history repository between email, social networks, and calls. The website was developed by the IT team, and the Legal team is responsible for the Consent Management Platform used to meet GDPR requirements.

UC wants to improve its relationship with customers, so a digital redesign program is starting with the goal of moving to Salesforce solutions.

Which three steps are necessary to set up a program roadmap? Choose 3 answers



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