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Vmware 5V0-35.21 Questions – Boost Your Exam Preparation

If you want to boost your exam preparation and increase your chances of success, Certspots Vmware 5V0-35.21 questions are an excellent resource for anyone looking to pass the VMware vRealize Operations Specialist exam. The 5V0-35.21 exam questions are updated regularly to ensure that they reflect the most current trends and technologies in the industry, and to keep up with any changes to the exam format or content. By practicing with Certspots Vmware 5V0-35.21 questions, candidates can evaluate their knowledge and skills, identify areas where they need to improve, and develop strategies for answering exam questions quickly and accurately. This will not only reduce their chances of failure but will also help them perform better on the actual exam.

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1. An administrator is asked to onboard an on-premises vCenter instance into an existing vRealize Operations Cloud instance.

Which two steps are needed to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

2. Which two additional parameters are taken into account when sizing a vRealize Operations cluster using the sizing tool? (Choose two.)

3. A system administrator creates a common catalog to be used by all customers. For availability purposes, the catalog will be consumed by a different VMware Cloud Director instance in a different country.

Which catalog setting enables the catalog to be shared across VMware Cloud Director instances?

4. An administrator is using vRealize Operations for capacity modeling to determine how many more ESXi servers are needed to increase time remaining and capacity remaining score.

What can be used to accomplish this goal?

5. An administrator created a pricing card for a new environment. After the pricing card was created and attached, the administrator immediately checked-the cost dashboard but only sees zero prices for the VMs in the new environment.

What is the reason for this behavior?

6. Which two pricing card types are available in vRealize Operations? (Choose two.)

7. What should be defined to ensure that group members can access vRealize Operations objects when importing a group from Active Directory into vRealize Operations?

8. Which regulatory, standards-based compliance pack is available in vRealize Operations?

9. To meet a requirement for protection against data loss in the event of a physical rack failure, an administrator is deploying a vRealize Operation cluster in a Continuous Availability configuration.

Which three node types will be configured within this scenario? (Choose three.)

10. An administrator has been tasked with configuring vRealize Operations to ensure that workload performance across the VMware SDDC is the main priority. In the event of an issue, remediation activities should be automatically completed to minimize any impact to running workloads. A maximum of 10% cluster resources should be reserved for burst capacity.

Which option should the administrator configure to meet these requirements?



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