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1. A large enterprise has a main campus with two 8-Node vSAN 7.0 U1 clusters and 50 remote sites, each containing one 2-Node cluster. An administrator configures a vLCM desired image for lifecycle management, and vLCM had determined that all the clusters are in need of remediation.

How would vLCM enhance the remediation operation in this situation?

2. A vSAN administrator has three available racks and six vSAN hosts and needs to protect against a rack failure while maximizing resources.

Which two strategies should the vSAN administrator use to achieve this goal? (Choose two.)

3. After a recent data loss event, the IT department plans to deploy a DR site using vSphere Replication with vSAN providing the storage backend.

The architect would like to know how many components will be created based on the following configuration:

✑ 2x 100 GB VMDK

✑ RAID 1 vSAN Storage Policy

✑ 4x Point in Time snapshots

How many components will be created?

4. A vSAN administrator is troubleshooting poor performance of vSAN cluster while vCenter is not available. The vSAN administrator decides to use a command line tool to monitor real-time vSAN IOPS, throughput, and other metrics on ESXi host.

Which command line tool should be used?

5. An organization wants to configure a new storage policy based on the following requirements:

✑ Failures to tolerate = FTT 1/RAID-5 (Erasure Coding)

✑ Number of disk stripes per object = 8

✑ IOPS limit for object = 0

✑ Object Space Reservation = Thin provisioning

✑ Flash read cache reservation = 0%

✑ Disable object checksum = No

✑ Force provisioning = No

The administrator creates the policy using storage policy based management and assigns it to a 100GB virtual machine on a 4-node vSAN cluster to test the results of the new storage policy.

How many components will be created per host for the storage objects of the virtual machine on the vSAN datastore?

6. A vSAN administrator was presented with 30 additional vSAN ReadyNodes to add to an existing vSAN cluster. There is only one administrator to complete this task.

What is the fastest approach?

7. A vSAN Administrator has a cluster of six vSAN nodes. The vSAN datastore was 55% utilized, and due to a power outage, one node was lost. The vSAN administrator needs to resolve the storage policy compliance for the virtual machines on RAID-5.

Which action, if any, needs to be taken to meet this goal?

8. An administrator wants to check the vSAN cluster health during the maintenance window while vCenter Server is offline.

What are two ways to complete this task? (Choose two.)

9. What are two prerequisites for using the TRIM and UNMAP capability of vSAN? (Choose two.)

10. A site administrator has determined that the site needs to upgrade all vSAN clusters to 7.0 U1. The vSAN administrator wishes to complete the update in the shortest amount of time possible. All virtual machines are assigned a storage policy where the “Failures to tolerate” is set to one or higher.

Which strategy should be used to achieve this goal?



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