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VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist 5V0-31.22 Dumps Questions

Certspots is a leading provider of VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist 5V0-31.22 certification exam dumps. Our 5V0-31.22 dumps questions are designed to help you prepare for the VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist 5V0-31.22 certification exam and pass it with flying colors. Our 5V0-31.22 dumps questions are based on the latest exam syllabus and cover all the topics tested in the VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist 5V0-31.22 certification exam. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who create and update our 5V0-31.22 dumps questions regularly to ensure that our customers get the latest and most accurate information.

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1. A vSphere administrator is tasked with enabling Workload Management on a VMware Cloud Foundation Workload Domain.

Which three components are configured as part of the Supervisor Cluster control plane after this task is completed? (Choose three.)

2. Which service is integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation and enables a centralized and simplified lifecycle management of ESXi host?

3. A VMware administrator is tasked to upgrade a VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) environment that is running on DellEMC PowerEdge servers.

During the ESXi software upgrade for the VI Workload Domain hosts, the administrator receives an error stating that the correct storage driver is not available, although the storage adapters are enabled in the BIOS.

Which action should the administrator take to fix this issue?

4. An administrator is tasked with preparing hosts for the deployment of a new Workload Domain in a VMware Cloud Foundation environment. The ESXi hosts have HBA cards that require the installation of a separate and the most recent VMware Installation Bundles (VIBs).

Which ESXi imaging method should the administrator use?

5. Which statement is true regarding NSX Manager configuration in a VMware Cloud Foundation environment?

6. In which order should the VMware Cloud Foundation components in a Management Domain be upgraded?

7. An administrator is planning to deploy an edge cluster in a VMware Cloud Foundation environment.

Which three NSX components are automated during this deployment? (Choose three.)

8. Which two roles are provided by a local NSX Manager appliance? (Choose two.)

9. An architect is designing overlay networking and routing for two VMware Cloud Foundation VI workload domains.

The following requirements must be met in the design:

• NSX-T Bare Metal Edge nodes are required to satisfy a requirement for extremely low latency.

• The costs must be kept to a minimum.

Which design meets these customer requirements?

10. During a VCF design workshop, the architect gathered the following customer requirements:

• There must be two environments: PROD and DEV.

• PROD and DEV should be administratively separated.

• PROD will use two different hardware server types, and DEV will only use one hardware server type.

• The VCF infrastructure design should be flexible and scalable as much as possible

How many NSX local managers in total will be provisioned after deploying the full VCF infrastructure?



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