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VMware Horizon 8.X Professional 2V0-51.23 Practice Exam

The VMware Horizon 8.X Professional 2V0-51.23 exam is designed for IT professionals who want to validate their skills in managing and deploying virtual desktops and applications using VMware Horizon 8. If you’re preparing for this exam, Certspots offers a free VMware Horizon 8.X Professional 2V0-51.23 practice exam that you can take online. This 2V0-51.23 practice exam is designed to help you assess your readiness for the actual exam and identify areas where you may need to focus your study efforts. The practice exam includes 94 questions that cover the same topics as the actual exam and provides detailed explanations for each answer.

Don’t miss this opportunity to practice and prepare yourself for the VMware Horizon 8.X Professional 2V0-51.23 exam.

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1. Which description explains Cloud Pod Architecture?


Drag and drop the App Volumes components on the left to their matching function on the right.

3. After creating a new desktop pool that contains customization specifications, a Horizon administrator sees the following message in the VMware Horizon event database:

Provisioning error occurred for Machine Machine_Name: Customization failed for Machine

Which two could be the cause of the issue? (Choose two.)

4. Where are exclusions specified for Writable Volumes to prevent App Volumes from persisting specific data between sessions?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

The error in the exhibit was received while an administrator was trying to connect to a Horizon ADSI database from a Connection Server .

What change does the administrator need to make in the UI to connect to the ADSI database?


An administrator is tasked with reinstalling a Connection Server replica that has failed to boot.

Drag and drop the procedural steps on the left into the correct order on the right to add the replica back to the Horizon pod with the same name.

7. An administrator is tasked with allowing managers to request desktops and changes to desktops for their employees.

What VMware solution can be used to meet this requirement?

8. End-users are complaining that they are frequently being asked for credentials when opening additional apps.

Which step should the administrator take to resolve the issue?


Drag and drop each Horizon console predefined role on the left to its matching function on the right.

10. How does an administrator enable debug logging for a single user in VMware Dynamic Environment Manager?



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