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Best Scrum SAFe-Practitioner Dumps [2023] With Real Exam Questions

Do you want to ensure your success and pass the SAFe-Practitioner exam on your first attempt? One of the biggest advantages of using the Scrum SAFe-Practitioner dumps is that it is updated regularly to ensure that it reflects the latest exam trends and requirements. This means that you can be sure that the Scrum SAFe-Practitioner dumps you are studying are up-to-date and relevant to the exam you are preparing for. In addition to providing you with real exam questions and answers, the Scrum SAFe-Practitioner dumps also include practice tests and quizzes that are designed to simulate the actual exam experience. This will help you get a feel for the exam format, as well as identify areas where you may need to focus your study efforts.

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1. What does the business value assigned to PI objective communicate?

2. It is recommended to select no more than 2 improvement items as outcome of the Iteration retrospective

3. Which of the following are characteristics of an Agile team?

4. Business Rule Variations and Simple or Complex are techniques used for

5. Who fosters team adoption of Agile technical practices?

6. Velocity is

7. What does the R in the SMART model for PI Objectives stand for?

8. Which of the below are not part of the CALMR approach to DevOps?

9. Which of the below are Core Competencies for Business Agility?

10. SAFe Lean-Agile principles support centralised decision-making.



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