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Juniper JN0-649 Dumps PDF Study Tips And Information 2023

Juniper JN0-649 exam is a highly sought-after certification that can open doors to new job opportunities and career advancements. But passing the exam can be a challenge, especially if you’re not well-prepared. That’s where Certspot comes in with their Juniper JN0-649 dumps PDF which are designed to help you prepare for the exam by providing you with a realistic testing experience. Juniper JN0-649 dumps PDF are up-to-date, accurate, and designed to cover all the topics and concepts that you’ll need to know to pass the Enterprise Routing and Switching Professional (JNCIP-ENT) exam. By studying Certspot’s Juniper JN0-649 dumps PDF, you’ll be able to identify any knowledge gaps and focus your studying efforts on those areas, leading to a better chance of passing the exam.

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1. In OSPF, how does a router ensure that LSAs advertised to a neighboring router are received?

2. You want to create an OSPF area that only contains intra-area route information in the form of Type 1 and Type 2 LSAs.

In this scenario, which area is needed to accomplish this task?

3. You are troubleshooting connectivity between an EVPN spine switch configured as a route reflector and a leaf node with an IP address of

Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?

4. 1.Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

5. You are troubleshooting an EVPN-VXLAN IP fabric and observe the loop shown in the exhibit.

Which two steps would you take to further troubleshoot this problem? (Choose two.)

6. A modified deficit round-robin scheduler is defined by which three variables? (Choose three.)

7. Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct when a failure exists on the link between host2 and switch5 on this EVPN-VXLAN fabric?

8. You must ensure that all routes in the 10.0.0/8 address range are not advertised outside of your AS.

Which well-known BGP community should be assigned to these addresses to accomplish this task?

9. Which two statements are correct about the deployment of EVPN-VXLAN on QFX Series devices? (Choose two.)

10. Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)



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