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Juniper JN0-636 Exam Questions – Best Way Towards Success

Practicing with Juniper JN0-636 exam questions is an essential part of preparing for the Security,Professional (JNCIP-SEC) exam, and can greatly increase the chances of success. To maximize your chances of success on the JN0-636 exam, it’s essential to focus on your weak areas and practice extensively. By practicing with Juniper JN0-636 exam questions, candidates can also identify areas where they need to improve their knowledge, and focus their studying efforts accordingly. Additionally, by answering these questions under timed conditions, candidates can simulate the exam environment and become more comfortable with the format and pacing of the actual exam.

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1. Exhibit

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

2. Which two modes are supported on Juniper ATP Cloud? (Choose two.)

3. You are required to deploy a security policy on an SRX Series device that blocks all known Tor network IP addresses.

Which two steps will fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)

4. Which method does an SRX Series device in transparent mode use to learn about unknown devices in a network?

5. Exhibit

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

6. You are asked to determine if the IP address has been added to the third-party security feed, DS hield, from Juniper Seclnte1. You have an SRX Series device that is using Seclnte1 feeds from Juniper ATP Cloud

Which command will return this information?

7. Exhibit.

A hub member of an ADVPN is not functioning correctly.

Referring the exhibit, which action should you take to solve the problem?

8. Exhibit

Which two statements are correct about the output shown in the exhibit. (Choose two.)

9. You opened a support ticket with JTAC for your Juniper ATP appliance. JTAC asks you to set up access to the device using the reverse SSH connection.

Which three setting must be configured to satisfy this request? (Choose three.)

10. Exhibit

You configure Source NAT using a pool of addresses that are in the same subnet range as the external ge-0/0/0 interface on your vSRX device. Traffic that is exiting the internal network can reach external destinations, but the return traffic is being dropped by the service provider router.

Referring to the exhibit, what must be enabled on the vSRX device to solve this problem?



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