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Salesforce CRT-251 Exam Dumps Options To Pass the Exam 2023

Salesforce CRT-251 exam dumps are an excellent tool for anyone preparing for the Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant exam. It covers all the topics and concepts that you need to know to pass the exam. They are designed by industry experts who have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and can provide you with the most relevant and accurate information. Using Salesforce CRT-251 exam dumps will give you a realistic exam experience, as the questions are similar in format and difficulty to the actual exam questions. This will help you prepare better for the exam and reduce exam anxiety. It will also helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus your study efforts accordingly.

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1. Cloud Kicks is concerned that the sales team is taking longer to dose opportunities in comparison to the same time last year. The VP of sales wants to determine the number of closed deals on a monthly basis and compare the month-over-month results.

Which two actions should the consultant take to meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers

2. Cloud Kicks (OC) sells Formal and Athletic footwear hoes. CK is using Product Families on Products to associate each product to its corresponding line. CK currently forecasts an Expected Revenue amount that combines all products together.

A consultant is assessing how CK can divide its forecasts by footwear line.

Which solution should the consultant recommend to improve CK's forecasts?

3. Cloud Kicks sales representatives are allowed to negotiate up to a 5% discount for the Shoe of the Month dub. Regional sales managers (RSMs) must approve discounts greater than 5%. Regional vice presidents (RVPs) also must approve discounts greater than 10%.

Which two steps should a consultant recommend to satisfy these requirements? Choose 2 answers

4. Sales managers at Cloud Kicks have noticed that information in some opportunity reports is incomplete. A consultant has performed an analysis and determined that opportunity

stages often lack key information that sales managers at each stage because sales reps have yet to enter the data.

What should the consultant recommend so opportunity stage reports always contain the data managers expect?

5. Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to ensure Opportunity are associated with the relevant marketing Campaign In the past, CK has struggled to evaluate marketing Campaign ROI.

Which process improvement should the consultant recommend?

6. The marketing team is using a separate platform for managing prospects and wants to hand off qualified prospects to the sales team.

How should the consultant meet this requirement?

7. Organization-wide default settings for Account is set to Private at Cloud Kicks- Users are unable to see each others accounts.

When a Salesforce admin assigns User A as the owner of an opportunity related to User B's account, which additional access will User A gain?

8. The Cloud Kicks sales team can create leads for both business and individual customers. Person Accounts have been enabled in its Salesforce org.

Which action should be taken to convert a lead into a Person Account?


Cloud Kicks (CK) acquired a company. The VP of technology wants to migrate all the sales data into CK’s Salesforce instance.

Which data migration sequence should the consultant recommend for the objects?

10. Cloud Kicks (CK) has just completed its initial Sales Cloud implementation. The leadership team at CK wants to improve the rate of user adoption,

What should the consultant recommend?



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