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Tips To Pass Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam

The Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam is a certification exam that tests a professional’s knowledge of the Service Cloud platform and its various features. If you’re preparing for the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam, be sure to check out Certspots. Certspots offers free Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam dumps, which are a great way to practice and prepare for the exam. These Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam dumps are designed to help you identify areas where you need more study and practice, and they can be a valuable resource as you work towards passing the exam.

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1. Universal Containers wants to unify channels and manage agent workload with Omni-Channel routing.

What required step Should a consultant address before configuring Omni Channel?

2. Universal Containers wants to allow customers to ability to submit cases and also to see a dashboard of case resolution history.

Which type of Community license should be used to meet these requirements?

3. Service agents at Cloud Kicks report spending a lot of time on similar cases, such as reset password requests. Agents will typically select an email template with password reset instructions, send an email to the customer, and update the case status to 'Responded'.

What is the recommended feature to improve productivity?

4. Service agents at Cloud Kicks frequently encounter duplicate coses that customers in different channels created. Management would like to provide a method for service agents to combine duplicates and delete one of the cases.

Which action should a Service Cloud consultant recommend?

5. Universal Containers has tested skills-based routing in a sandbox and is ready to deploy to Production.

Which two deployment solutions should a consultant use to ensure skills-based routing is operational in Production

Choose 2 answers

6. A recent review of customer satisfaction surveys revealed the support center does a poor job of upseting new products to customers. Customers report dissatisfaction when calling for troubleshooting, billing, enrollment, or similar issues and receiving a sales pitch. However, customers that have been upsold new products are two times more likely to remain a customer.

What is the recommended method to ensure upselling only occurs when customers are likely to be receptive to the offer?

7. Universal Containers has a policy that requires all email traffic to remain within its firewall. Currently, the company has 200 support agents handling email from five different time zones on its legacy system.

When implementing Salesforce, what solution should a consultant recommend for this scenario?

8. Service Representatives are complaining that their Lightning Service Console is too crowded making it difficult to find the tabs and features they need. After reviewing the Service Representatives console use, all configured features are required.

Which solution should a Consultant suggest to improve the efficiency of console users?

9. Universal Containers recently deployed a Salesforce Knowledge implementation, but is looking to evaluate the quality of the articles being produced.

What should the Consultant recommend to gather information on Knowledge article usefulness?

10. What are three considerations when adding a report chart to a Console Component? Choose 3 answers



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