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Free Dumps to Practice For Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Professional Exam

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Professional exam is a highly respected certification that requires preparation and dedication to pass. Certspots offers free dumps to practice for the exam, which can be accessed easily and conveniently on any device. These Manufacturing Cloud Professional dumps are designed to help individuals prepare for the exam by providing them with sample questions and answers that are similar to those on the actual exam. Practicing with these Manufacturing Cloud Professional dumps can help individuals prepare for the exam, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and build their confidence. So, if you’re planning to take the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Professional exam, Certspots’ free dumps are definitely worth checking out!

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1. Which two list views are provided by default to filter account manager targets by the assigned user?

2. Universal Containers has multiple active Sales Agreements for the current quarter of their top tier Customer. Each agreement contains Product A. Via manual API upload, a new order containing Product A comes in for the current quarter.

Which Sales Agreement will this new order be linked to?

3. Badger Power wants to have a complete picture of both their run-rate and net-new business.

Which two Manufacturing Cloud functions should be configured?

4. Which two statements are correct about sales agreement cloning?

5. Which two objects do not support triggers?

6. When Using the Time Period filter on a sales agreement record page.

Which options are available?


Which two Manufacturing cloud functionalities are available in the standard Manufacturing Experience Cloud Template?

A Rebate Management

B. Sales Agreements

C. Account Based Forecasts

D. Account Manager Targets

8. The admin at badger power is trying to setup a Rebate type that is valid for transactionscompleted in January.

Which option reflects by the admin?

9. A salesforce Manufacturing cloud admin wants to change the forecast frequency form quarterly to monthly in the account settings.

Which two things do they need to be aware of?

10. What is required before the Analytics for Manufacturing App can be created?



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