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Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Exam Dumps For Brilliant Exam Study 2023

If you’re preparing for the Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional Exam exam, then Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel exam dumps are an excellent resource to help you pass with ease. These questions are designed to align with the latest exam syllabus and pattern, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date information possible. One of the most significant advantages of Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel exam dumps is their ability to provide regular updates to reflect the latest changes in the exam. This ensures that you have access to the most recent information and are fully prepared for the exam.

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1. How does social studio unify anonymous and known identities?

2. 3 possible reasons why a SMS message would fail to reach users mobile? (select 3 options)

3. How are profiles merged In IS:

4. In beacon message, what does the field limit number of messages for a device' control?

5. 28, Whit are the functionalities of ad studio. Select multiple.

6. send multiple emails over a period of 3 months with link to download mobile app. If link clicked then send app feature emails else same mails to download mobile app after every 3 days .

How would you design this Multiple select?

7. What is the fastes way to add a classification to a post?

8. how many activities recommended in a journey canvas.(150-200)

9. What is the prerequisite to create advertising studio audience:

10. How does Marketing cloud connect help when you want to trigger journey when a record is created in sales cloud contact, Select 2.



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