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1. A company uses equipment from multiple vendors in a data center fabric to deliver SDN, enable maximum flexibility, and provide the best return on investment.

Which YANG data model should be adopted for comprehensive features to simplify and streamline automation for the SDN fabric?

2. SD-WAN can be used to provide secure connectivity to remote offices, branch offices, campus networks, data centers, and the cloud over any type of IP-based underlay transport network.

Which two statements describe SD WAN solutions? (Choose two.)

3. An enterprise has identified these causes for inefficient CAPEX spending:

✑ CAPEX planning is driven by technology and not by business objectives.

✑ The CAPEX planning team lacks the data it needs to perform due diligence tasks. ✑ . The organizational structure lacks sufficient accountability and incentives.

Which corporate cultural change contributes to improving the effectiveness of CAPEX spending?

4. Which DCI technology utilizes a “flood and learn” technique to populate the Layer2 forwarding table?

5. Router R1 is a BGP speaker with one peering neighbor over link "A". When the R1 link/interface "A" fails, routing announcements are terminated, which results in the tearing down of the state for all BGP routes at each end of the link.

What is this a good example of?

6. Which two factors provide multifactor authentication for secure access to applications and data, no matter where the users are or which devices they are on? (Choose two.)

7. Which two characteristics apply to firewall transparent mode operations in a firewall solution design? (Choose two.)

8. Hybrid cloud computing allows organizations to like advantage of public and private cloud models.

Which best practice should organizations follow to ensure data security in the private cloud?

9. An enterprise that runs numerous proprietary applications has major issues with its on-premises server estate hardware, to the point where business-critical functions are compromised. The enterprise accelerates plans to migrate services to the cloud.

Which cloud service should be used if the enterprise wants to avoid hardware issues yet have control of its applications and operating system?

10. SDN emerged as a technology trend that attracted many industries to move from traditional networks to SDN.

Which challenge is solved by SDN for cloud service providers?



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