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Best Exam Practice Material for Salesforce Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Exam Q&A

If you want to reduce your chances of failure and increase your chances of success, consider using Salesforce Salesforce Net Zero Cloud exam Q&A to prepare for your Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Accredited Professional Exam exam. Certspots Salesforce Salesforce Net Zero Cloud exam Q&As are created by industry experts who have years of experience in the field of Salesforce. The questions are updated regularly to ensure that they reflect the most current trends and technologies in the industry, and to keep up with any changes to the exam format or content. These study materials can help candidates build a solid foundation of knowledge and can help you feel more confident and prepared on the day of the exam.

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1. How does the client update Net Zero Cloud each time a new update is released? (1)

2. An auditor needs to see the dashboards in Analytics Studio.

What three permission set licenses and permission sets should the auditor be assigned? (3)

3. A sustainability manager receives an energy bill for a leased building. She needs to convert the bill to TC02e, What type of [...] as? (1) (Falta algo en los [])

4. Which three answers are Paris Climate Agreement? (3 options)

5. A sustainability manager has received a file of electricity bills to import into Salesforce.

What is the best way to avoid duplicating records? (1)

6. What are the three Organizational Asset records types that come out of the box? (3)

7. When the client creates or updates data in Net Zero Cloud records, the Einstein Analytics dashboards don't update automatically.

What does the client need to do to ensure that the data is syncing between the app and the dashboards? (1)

8. A Sustainability Manager wants to update the Net Zero Cloud package.

How can they ensure that customized fields or Supplemental Emissions are not changed when they update Net Zero Cloud with a new release? (1)

9. What three analytics dashboards are included with Net Zero Cloud? (3)

10. A Sustainability Manager needs to load in new energy use records into Salesforce.

What two things are true about data loading? (2)



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