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1. During Sprint Planning the Product Owner and the Developers are unable to reach a clear understanding about the highest order Product Backlog items. Because of this, the Developers are unable to determine how many Product Backlog items it can forecast for the upcoming Sprint. However, the Product Owner and the Developers are able to agree on a Sprint Goal.

Which of the following actions should the Scrum Master support?

2. What artifacts are part of Scrum, and during which Scrum Events are they likely to be the subject of inspection?

3. As part of the Product Backlog Management, your team’s Product Owner wants to create a Sprint Backlog for the upcoming Sprint. This way it’s ready during Sprint Planning making the event more effective.

What’s your opinion on this?

4. You are the Scrum Master on a newly formed Scrum Team.

Which of the following activities would probably help the Scrum Team be more productive in the first Sprint? (choose all that apply)

5. Mid-sprint a development team forecasts it will not be able to deliver all the planned backlog items. They are worried and ask for your advice as Scrum Master.

What will you tell them?

6. The developers in your Scrum Team raise an impediment. The work planned for the upcoming Sprint involves certain knowledge and expertise they do not possess within the team.

How do you handle this impediment?

7. Can Scrum work in an organization where products are built with time, scope and budget being determined beforehand? (choose the 3 best answers)

8. What are relevant boundaries that promote self-management according to the Scrum framework? (choose all that apply)

9. What is meant by a team or organization practicing ‘zombie’ or ‘mechanical’ Scrum?

10. Describe the difference between a feature and component teams, and how they hold up when viewed from the perspective of the Scrum Guide.



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