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Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert AD0-E208 Dumps Questions

The Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert AD0-E208 exam is designed to test your knowledge and skills in implementing, configuring, and analyzing data in Adobe Analytics. If you are planning to take this exam, it’s important to prepare thoroughly. Certspots offers free AD0-E208 dumps questions to help you prepare for the exam. These AD0-E208 practice questions cover all the key topics that you’ll need to know for the exam, including data collection, reporting, segmentation, and analysis. By practicing with these AD0-E208 dumps questions, you can identify any areas where you need to improve your knowledge or skills, and ensure that you’re fully prepared for the exam.

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1. Exhibit.

A business stakeholder receives a Workspace report that indicates that data is incorrect. The sums of the items in the rows do not match the total metric values of the columns in the unique visitors and visits report.

Which statement about the report is true?

2. What is the correct functionality when setting up Intelligent Alerts?

3. Refer to the exhibit.

Analyzing results from multinational e-commerce, a data analyst realizes much of the product view results and orders are being mapped to an "Unspecified" department name.

What is the probable cause?

4. Two single condition Segments are set up for creating a Virtual Report Suite.

Both Segments are visit scoped and have the following rule using default Dimensions:

Segment A: Marketing Channel equals 'Social Networks' Segment B: Countries equals 'United Kingdom'

Which data subset of the source Report Suite will be available when using this Virtual Report Suite?

5. In Analysis Workspace a Flow Visualization can be created.

What is the benefit of using the correct configuration of Flow Visualization?

6. A chart displaying the daily trend of Orders and their performance against the daily average for the last month is needed.

How can this requirement be met?

7. 1.The web analyst for a beauty products company wants to create a report to analyze the number of sample requests for one of their product pages.

The following items are available from the default configuration:

• prop3, which registers the product page name and is fired in the first page load

• eVar4, which registers the product page name and is fired in the first page load

• event1 2, which fires when a visitor clicks on "Request a sample'' call to action How can the analyst accomplish the creation of this report?

8. When a segment is created from within a report by dragging a component on the segment area, is it possible to re-use it in another report?

** change report to Workspace **

9. A data analyst wants to create a segment of traffic that started on the page "Facebook App Home" and accessed the "Home Page" in Analysis Workspace.

Based on the project presented below:

What is the proper way to create this segment and continue working on the project without loss of data?

10. Which is a benefit of using a Virtual Report Suite?



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