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1. In Magento Open Source, when would a Zero Subtotal checkout be used?

2. What Dynamic Block option determines the customers that will see the block?

3. What is an example of cross-selling?

4. In which two pages of a Magento Open Source website does layered navigation usually appear? (Choose two.)

5. A merchant asked the Business Practitioner to change the footer template of all emails. The merchant is using Magento Open Source.

How would the Business Practitioner achieve this with minimal effort in the Admin Panel?

6. A merchant wants to display their eCommerce application in two languages - English and Spanish. Customers should also be able to switch displayed catalog price currencies between US Dollars and Mexican Pesos regardless of the language.

What is the minimum amount of websites, stores and store views to achieve this?

7. A customer enters a Coupon Code in the cart and receives an error stating that their Coupon Code is invalid.

What are two reasons why their Coupon Code might be invalid? (Choose two.)

8. Which two options are required by GDPR when requesting marketing consent from customers? (Choose two.)

9. Which two values of the Catalog Input Type for Store Owner product attribute field can be used in Layered Navigation? (Choose two.)

10. What is the initial default order status if an order is placed by the customer using the purchase order payment method?



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