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1. If multiple configurations for the same PID are applicable, which configuration is applied?

2. An AEM application wants to set up multi-tenancy using Adobe-recommended best practices and bind multiple configurations to it.

Which of the following options is recommended?

3. What is Out of Scope for the Pattern Detector tool, while doing an AEM upgrade?

4. Which property under /cache on dispatcher.any file identifies the directory where cached files are stored?

5. In an AEM as a Cloud Service environment, which repository areas are considered as immutable?

6. A custom component has one dialog field:

The developer needs to implement a Sling Model to perform a business logic on the authored value.

The developer writes the following HTL snippet.

Which two implementations will support this HTL snippet? (Choose two.)





7. Add a LowerCase filter to the current indexes

8. Add a policy to define which designs are used

9. Configure mime type in Apache Sling Referrer Filter

10. A customer adds third-party client libraries to add some features in an existing AEM application, which will significantly reduce performance.

How should the developer optimize the site?



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