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Adobe Commerce Developer Expert AD0-E716 Dumps Questions

The Adobe Commerce Developer Expert AD0-E716 exam is designed to test the skills and knowledge of individuals who are experts in the development and implementation of Adobe Commerce Cloud solutions. To help you prepare for the AD0-E716 exam, Certspots offers free AD0-E716 dumps questions that cover the exam topics such as the Adobe Commerce Cloud architecture, customization of the platform, and integration with other systems. These AD0-E716 dumps questions can be accessed online and provide a realistic testing experience to help you identify areas where you need to improve your skills. By using Certspots free AD0-E716 dumps questions, you can practice for the exam in a realistic environment and gain confidence in your abilities.

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1. A new customer registered on the Integration environment of an Adobe Commerce Cloud project but did not receive a welcome email What would be blocking the email from being sent?

2. Configure integration environments in the cloud GUI and set the Enhanced switch to On

3. The developer is required to convert a modules database scripts from old install/upgrade setup files to a data patches format and does not want to apply database changes that were already done by install/upgrade scripts.

The current module version is 1.5.4.

What would be the recommended solution to skip changes that were already applied via old format (install/upgrade scripts)?

4. An Adobe Commerce developer has created a before plugin for the save() function within the

MagentoFrameworkAppcacheProxy class. The purpose of this plugin is to add a prefix on all

cache identifiers that fulfill certain criteria.

Why is the plugin not executing as expected?

5. Use the magento-cloud synchronize <environment-ID> Commerce CLI Command

6. An Adobe Commerce developer has been asked to modify the PageBuilder slider content type to allow a new custom content type (other than slide) to be assigned as a child. The developer has already created the new content type called improved_slide in their module. They now need to create a new view/adminhtml/pagebuilder/content_type/slider. xml file in their module to allow the new content type to be a child of slider content types.

What is the correct xml to accomplish this?




7. For security reasons, merchant requested to a developer to change default admin url to a unique url for every branch/environment of their Adobe Commerce Cloud project.

Which CLI command would the developer use update the admin url?

8. An Adobe Commerce developer has installed a module from a third-party vendor. This module fires a custom event named third_party_event_after and also defines an observer named third_party_event_after_observer that listens to that event. The developer wants to listen to this custom event in their own module but wants to execute their observer's logic after the third_party_event_after_observer observer has finished executing.

What would the developer do to ensure their observer runs after the observer defined by the third-party module?

9. There is an integration developed using a cron service that runs twice a day, sending the Order ID to the integrated ERP system if there are orders that are able to create an invoice.

The order is already loaded with the following code:

$order = $this->orderRepository->get($orderId);

In order to verify if the store has invoices to be created, what implementation would the Adobe Commerce developer use?




10. An Adobe Commerce developer is creating a module (Vendor.ModuleName) to be sold on the Marketplace. The new module creates a database table using declarative schema and now the developer needs to make sure the table is removed when the module is disabled.

What must the developer do to accomplish this?



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