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Adobe AD0-E559 Exam Dumps To Improve Your Skills

AD0-E559 Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Expert exam is designed for professionals who have advanced-level skills in using Adobe Marketo Engage and can apply those skills to design and implement marketing automation programs. Certspots offers free Adobe AD0-E559 Exam Dumps to help professionals prepare for this exam and improve their skills. These Adobe AD0-E559 exam dumps include real exam questions and answers, and they are regularly updated to reflect the latest exam content. With the help of these AD0-E559 exam dumps, professionals can improve their knowledge and gain confidence in their ability to pass the exam.

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1. A marketer built an event program and added a forecasted period cost of $25,000 for the month/year the event will take place. The event was yesterday and today the marketer realized that they had additional variable costs above the original forecasted amount and updated the Period Cost to $30,000 in the Adobe Marketo Engage event program the same day.

Their CEO wants to know the value in terms of how much the event cost compared to the pipeline and or revenue generated asap.

When should the marketer generate a Revenue Cycle Explorer (RCE) report to ensure the true period cost is reflected?

2. The duration of a wait step in an existing active smart campaign was modified from 2 days to 5 days. If there were 10 people in the

Wait step when the step was changed, what would happen?

3. David has inherited a new Adobe Marketo Engage instance. He is doing some investigation and reporting to understand where all the new leads are coming from. He only wants a high-level view of the lead sources -- not a detailed view. He does not want to make any assumptions about the integrity of pre-existing smart campaign logic, etc. He would prefer to use system-managed fields since these are set in a robotic fashion and have no reliance on users.

What two fields would David use for this purpose? (Choose two.)

4. Bhaskar has implemented a new naming convention that calls for users to include PRODI, PR0D2, PROD3, or MULTI. These are to indicate which product line(s) the program is related to.

What is one new benefit Bhaskar will gain by implementing this new naming convention?

5. Sarah has logged in to her Adobe Marketo Engage Instance and realized that she can only view and access the Default Workspace. Sarah sent a request to the Adobe Marketo Engage Admin, Greg, to update her permissions so that she can also view and access the APJ Workspace.

What does Greg need to do in order to make this happen?

6. A marketer has run a whole email A/B test within an email program, and there was a clear winner defined when the test finished running. The marketer then wants to send a follow-up email to everyone who received the losing email.

How would they find the list of people who received the losing email?

7. Which two Sales CRM platforms are natively synchronized with Adobe Marketo Engage? (Choose two.)

8. An Adobe Marketo Engage instance has the following folders set up under Marketing Activities:

In the My Tokens tab of the 02 Marketing Programs folder, several tokens have been set up:

Why have these tokens been set up in this folder?

9. A business practitioner is building a Center of Excellence' workspace in their Adobe Marketo Engage Instance to house their best practice landing page and email templates. They would like to build and store these assets in this workspace in the Design Studio and share them across all workspaces in the Adobe Marketo Engage instance.

What does the business practitioner need to do in order to share these assets across all workspaces?

10. An Adobe Marketo Engage expert works for Desserts4You and has created a segmentation to help with email campaigns.

Dynamic content is being used in the email blast and is segmented based on dessert preferences.

Specific messaging has been created for each dessert segment.

There are three records in the database. Miri likes apple pie and sticky toffee pudding. Jacinda likes tiramisu and apple pie. Indira likes sticky toffee pudding.

What message will each person receive?



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